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You’ve made a great decision to homeschool your children! Home is a wonderful place to educate!

Do you love learning? Are your kids eager and curious?

We embrace a lifestyle of adventure in our house, ready to discover and explore!

Our curriculum is Christ-centered, Charlotte Mason-inspired, and packed with unit study fun.

What do I mean?

We believe the Bible is true so we teach from a Christian worldview. We love exploring the world around us. Our curriculum is filled with living books of all kinds—great works, historical fiction, classic literature, and easy-to-understand non-fiction. We believe that children remember what they learn better if they get their hands messy crafting, creating, mapping, and experimenting.

Finally, we teach in a practical way so that our children can apply what they learn in real-life situations today and in the future.

Christian Worldview

The Bible speaks to all of life and makes it clear that the Lord is the source of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, His Word is central to all we write and teach.

Our curriculum points to Jesus and inspires children and teens to look to Jesus. We remind them that God cares for His children and has a plan! They can be part of His plan. Our children can know the Lord personally. God’s wisdom is revealed in creation and the rise and fall of nations.

Living Books

Your child will flourish intellectually and spiritually if they read wholesome books. Reading classic literature will whet their appetite for learning and increase their aptitude in grammar, spelling, logic, and vocabulary.

We love to read good books from well-written beautifully-illustrated picture books to original writings from another time. We especially love literature! Nothing is like getting lost in a timeless story.

Historical fiction, inspiration books, and classic works fill out our curriculum. Who says you can’t learn directly from books? We love to talk about books, too, encouraging book club discussions in our literature courses.

Hands-On Learning

Sometimes our unit studies and courses require you to get a little messy. Your kids will love it!

From building dioramas and creating brochures to experiments that go boom!, learning becomes an adventure filling with laughter when you add hands-on learning. You might create a radio drama, learn the Charleston, or make an igloo out of sugar cubes. Mapping, making timelines, and writing assignments crisscross subjects. We also play games!

Preparation for Life

Education has a purpose: to prepare your children for real life! As parents, we all want our children to live joyful, successful lives that include healthy relationships.

Creative assignments like interviewing parents for a parenting course or hosting a career panel in economics get children thinking about their future. One of our favorite real life prep assignments is in our economics course where students have to choose a real apartment to move into and figure out the cost of living there, furnishing it, and moving in. Bible study, budgeting, mentoring, and self-reflection are just a few of the ways we remind students that they are acquiring knowledge, and hopefully wisdom, they will apply in their life today and in the future.

Educational Excellence

Our children are called to stand strong in their generation, to defend the faith, and to walk in their calling.

I love the examples of the Bereans in Acts 17 who tested everything Paul said by examining the Word of God. Or Paul himself whose grounding in Scripture and Roman culture gave him an ability to reason with gentiles intellectually. These courses are fun, but they are meaty. Your children will grow intellectually!

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Tell the world what you have found here!