Let’s Have Our Own Archaeological Dig


Are you ready for an exciting adventure digging up artifacts in your own back yard? Learn archaeology the fun way by doing what archaeologists do. Children will love digging in the dirt for their artifact and taking it to the tent/lab for cleaning and preserving.

​In Let’s Have Our Own Archaeological Dig, specific instructions are given so that parents and teachers can create a dig site with several layers like a Tell. Children and teens mark off a grid before they dig. Carefully, artifacts are unearthed and sent to the lab for examination, cleaning, and marking. Where do the artifacts come from? We make them as part of our Ancient History craft time, but it’s just as easy to find broken pottery and other items around the house. Families and friends can make a lasting memory by planning and hosting their own archaeological dig?


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Learn History the Fun Way–with an Archaeological Dig!

So much of what we know about Ancient Times comes from hard-working archaeologists laboring in the hot sun to unearth treasured artifacts that reveal one more thing about Ancient Times.

​If having your own archaeological dig intrigues you and sounds like fun to the whole family, but feels a little overwhelming, don’t worry!

Meredith will take you step-by-step in planning and holding your own Archaeological Dig. Get ready to make some happy memories. Our family and homeschool co-op loved putting on our own Archaeological Dig. Everyone who participated had a blast!

The chapter in Let’s Have Our Own Archaeological Dig include:

  • Our Archaeological Dig
  • What’s Archaeology Anyway?
  • The Evacuation Process
  • Exciting Archaeological Discoveries
  • Plan Your Own Archaeology Dig
  • The Itinerary
  • Dressing & Eating for the Dig
  • Resources for Studying Archaeology


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