From Stars to Shining Seas


Looking for an elementary science class?

Have we got a great one for you. Let’s go together on a journey of science exploration. We’ll do all kinds of fun activities and experiments. We’ll look at the planets, moons, and stars and all the fun that is space. Next we’ll look closely at our beautiful, blue planet, the rocks, soil, animals, and all that makes it a blessing for us. We’ll also dive deep into the oceans together. I love the beach, the waves, the currents, and all the incredible sea creatures. Science is fun! Let’s teach our kids to believe that! With 36 full and 3 mini lessons, this book makes a complete science course for children pre-school through grade 6. Younger children (PK-3) can simply have fun with the activities. They don’t have to think about learning science. They just need to learn that it is fun. Older children (and young future scientists) will get lots of good science lessons while having fun, too.

Let’s get our kids to believe that Science is Fun! You can have fun, too!


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Science is Fun!

Wouldn’t you love to hear your children say this? Then join us for a trip to the stars then back down to the earth. We’ll dig deep under the surface before we come back to the beach and venture to the depths of the oceans.

We are making science exploration fun for elementary children with this full color activity textbook. This book includes 36 lessons in four different major sectors of science—Astronomy, Earth Science, Oceanography, and Marine Biology. We’ve even included 3 mini-lessons on the nature of these sciences.

Every lesson includes multiple activities or experiments that can be performed using common items found in local stores. Activities are fun for children from pre-school through 6th grade. There is lots of information for those curious little scientists eager to learn more.

Lessons include:


Lesson 1: Let’s Go on a Rocket Ship  

Lesson 2: The Moon  

Lesson 3: The Sun  

Lesson 4: The Planets  

Lesson 5: Other Space Bodies

Lesson 6: Stars & Constellations

Lesson 7: Our Milky Way Galaxy & Other Galaxies  

Lesson 8: Space Hall of Fame  

Lesson 9: Telescopes  

Lesson 10: Days of Creation  

Earth Science

Lesson 11: Blue Planet

Lesson 12: Great Earth Circles

Lesson 13: Parts of the Earth & Elements of the Earth’s Crust  

Lesson 14: Volcanoes

Lesson 15: Tectonic Plates

Lesson 16: Soil

Lesson 17: Plants that Grow in Soil

Lesson 18: Rocks

Lesson 19: Parts of the Atmosphere

Lesson 20: Natural Cycles

Lesson 21: Biomes

Lesson 22: Animals & What They Eat

Lesson 23: Weather

Lesson 24: Extreme Weather

Lesson 25: The Flood & Fossils

Oceanography & Marine Biology 

Lesson 26: Ocean Floor, Beaches, Currents

Lesson 27: Tides & Waves

Lesson 28: Ocean Salinity & Depth

Lesson 29: Whales & Dolphins

Lesson 30: Sharks & Rays

Lesson 31: Squid & Octopus

Lesson 32: Fish

Lesson 33: Mollusks & Crustaceans

Lesson 34: Sea Turtles

Lesson 35: Ocean Plants

Lesson 36: Enjoying God’s Creation


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