God’s Girls Beauty Secrets Bible Study


Be the Beautiful Woman You Were Called to Be!

Created by a pastor’s wife and hair stylist, God’s Girls Beauty Secrets Bible Study was written to inspire young women of all ages to be beautiful inside and outside. With tips for healthy eating, exercise, clothing, make-up, skin care, and hair care, this beauty guide will help you to look pretty on the outside while you grow lovelier on the inside.

​While the God’s Girls series is written for young ladies ages 11 to 25, this book is great for women of all ages who want to be beautiful inside and outside. It is a great book for a mom and daughter to go through together!

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Every woman longs to be beautiful.

God has beauty secrets for an inward beauty that will overflow to the outside. This Bible study looks at beauty killers such as worry, fear, gossip, complaining, selfishness, and more. You will learn more about reverence, prayer, faith, Quiet Time, surrender, modesty, propriety, submission, kindness, serving, and seasons in a woman’s life. Also covered are outer beauty helps such as fashion that flatters your style and shape, dealing with acne, modifying clothing to make it modest, how to accessorize, pampering your feet, and speaking confidently.

Meet God’s Girls-real young women, just like you, who love Jesus and are serious about pursuing Him! They open up every lesson with their own answers to the first question. There is a place for your God’s girl to add her picture and write her answer, too!

Learn to…

  • Dress Modestly
  • Cultivate Beautiful Hair
  • Overcome Fear & Worry
  • Wear Make-Up
  • Use Accessories
  • Care for Healthy Skin
  • Overcome Complaining & Rebellion
  • Walk in Joy & Gratitude
  • Eat Healthy
  • Work Out
  • Cultivate a Gentle & Quiet Spirit
  • Wardrobe Basics
  • Replace flirting with Propriety

Each chapter in this Bible study covers truths that will transform your heart and life. The focus is on cultivating inner beauty first before we move on to creating a lovely exterior.

  • Lesson #1: Beautiful in His Eyes (Enjoying God’s Love, Rejecting Lies, Embracing Truth)
  • ​Lesson #2: Beautiful Garments (Dressing Like a Princess, Modesty, Propriety, Wardrobe, Style, Body Shape, Accessories)
  • Lesson #3: The Oldest Beauty Secret (Submission, Get Rid of Rebellion, Glorious Hair)
  • ​Lesson #4: Beautiful Fragrance (Prayer, Get Rid of Worry, Complexion, Fragrance)
  • Lesson #5: A Beautiful Heart (Gratitude & Honor, Get Rid of Complaining & Gossip, Make-Up)
  • Lesson #6: Beautiful Dwellings (Caring for God’s Temple, Healthy Habits)
  • Lesson #7: Beautiful Deeds (Kindness, Manners)
  • ​Lesson #8: Beautiful Hands & Feet (Faith vs. Fear, Hands & Feet Care)
  • Lesson #9: Beautiful Seasons in Our Lives (Surrender, Physical Seasons, Spiritual Seasons)
  • ​Lesson #10: Beauty from God’s Presence (Cling to Jesus, Avoid the World)
  • ​Bonus: Pampering Recipes & Beauty Resources & God’s Girls Share their Heart

You can purchase the Print Version of God’s Girls Beauty Secrets at Amazon.com.

You can also purchase the E-book at PayHip.com.

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