Travel to the Netherlands Unit Study


“God created the world, but the Dutch created the Netherlands,” says the old saying. With dikes, canals, and polders, the stouthearted Dutch fought raging seas and even when enemies raged, the experienced a Golden Age. From old masterpieces and Tulipmania to Delta Works and modern farming, the Netherlands has been and remains an exciting nation to explore. Join my family on a trip to the Netherlands to explore history, geography, inventions, fine art, trade, battles, government, the House of Orange, and the wisdom of Solomon in our Bible time.

Unit studies make it easy to teach all ages together and build family memories at the same time. We’ll cook, bake, craft, draw, create, shop, exchange money, map, read, write, research, and explore our way through Leiden, Zeeland, Amsterdam, Delft, Haarlem, Utrecht, and the Kingdom’s island nations. What a fascinating country!


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Are you ready for a hands-on geography adventure with living books?

Would you like to join my family on a trip to the Netherlands, the land of picturesque canals, tulips, and wooden shoes?

Get your passports ready, make your hotel reservations, get your plane ticket, and let’s go! Welcome to Travel to the Netherlands Unit Study! Are you ready for exploration and fun?

Let’s Learn About:

  • Kings, Queens, Heroes, Villains
  • Tulips, Farms, Gardens, Plants
  • Dutch Golden Age Inventions, Artists, Trade
  • Canals, Poldering, Rivers, Dikes, Delta Works
  • Windmills, Wooden Shoes, Cycling
  • Solomon & His Wisdom in our Devotions

We Will …

  • Meet the Tall, Creative, Plucky People of the Netherlands & Explore their Land Below the Sea
  • Visit Amsterdam, Delft, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Leiden, Haarlem, Hiding Place, Castle, Aruba
  • Make a Canal Lock, Windmill, Tulip Bouquet, Needlework, Booklets, Timeline, Dutch Food
  • Appreciate Baroque Paintings, Sing a Dutch Hymn, Design a Delft Plate, Shop with Euros, Map
  • Write a Folk Tale, Sense Poem, Descriptive Paragraph, Correspondence, Simple Essay, Dictation

You will need to purchase the following books:

  • Hans Brinker by Mary Mapes Dodge
  • UK Travel to the Netherlands ©2011

You can purchase Travel to the Netherlands in print at Amazon – pages are in full color!

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