Fun with Fractions


It’s time to turn dreaded fractions into something fun! What better way to do that than with games?! This book is full of clear lessons all about fractions and games to practice the skills. Add this to your regular math classes at every level up to and including Algebra II. You can even go through this book with all your students at the same time. The more the merrier!


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After years of working with math students at every level of elementary, middle, and high school math I became convinced that one of the biggest hindrances to success is fractions. Students don’t understand them. They don’t now how to work with them. They dread them.

This book begins easy to follow instructions for making your own manipulative out of common products to help teach and study fraction. Once you have the tools you need to make learning and practicing fractions fun this book shares simple and clear explanations about what fractions are, how they operate, and what to do to work with them. You will also find seven fun games which may even inspire you to create your own similar games for continuing the math fun.

Not only does this book have great clear math lessons, it includes templates for making manipulative and a fun board game.

Because we believe that math success comes from consistent regular practice we have included an Important Notes section to remind parents and students of what it takes to do your best in math. We believe that multiplication facts are important to memorize. You cannot work with fractions for long without multiplying numbers, so we have also included some helpful suggestions for memorizing these vital facts. We also included a multiplication facts chart which can be printed over and over and used to memorize every multiplication fact from 1×1 to 12×12.

Fun with Fractions Table of Contents

  • Making Fractions Clear
    • Let’s Make Some Paper Plate Pie Fractions!
    • Let’s Make Some Fraction Squares with Overlays!
    • What Are Fractions?
    • The Parts of a Fraction
    • Adding & Subtracting Fractions
    • Multiplying Fractions
    • Renaming Fraction
    • Improper Fractions
    • Dividing Fractions
    • Important Notes
  • Games
    • Flash Card Race
    • Construction Paper Fraction Game
    • The Name Game
    • Adding Fractions Board Game
    • Making One with Fractions
    • Renaming Fractions Twizzler Game
    • Dividing Fractions Index Card Board Game
  • Templates
    • Fraction Circle Templates
    • Fraction Square Templates
    • Multiplication Chart

STEM studies don’t have to be boring or difficult. We can make them fun for everybody. This book is a great start to making that happen.


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