Science Exploration in Creation Week


Your kids will love exploring creation week with hands-on fun! Day 1 starts with light. Children learn about sound, light, and energy, atoms, and electricity. God divides the water below from the water above on Day 2. Children go on and on through the year encountering how and when God created everything in the perfect order. What a great way to learn science and understand Creation Week. Science is fun! Let’s teach our kids to believe that!

With 36 lessons, this book makes a complete science course for children pre-school through grade 6. We love it when families can learn together! Younger children (PK-3) can simply have fun with the hands-on activities and experiments. Older children (and young future scientists) will get lots of good science lessons while having fun, too.

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Science is Fun!

Wouldn’t you love to hear your children say this? Then join us on an hands-on exploration of Creation Week Science. We’ll dig deep each day of creation to learn basic principles of physics, chemistry, weather, earth science, botany, astronomy, biology, and geography.

We make science fun for elementary children with this full color activity textbook. This book includes 36 lessons that dig deep into the science of each day of creation —Physics, Chemistry, Weather, Earth Science, Botany, Astronomy, Biology, and Geography.

Every lesson includes multiple activities or experiments that can be performed using common items found in local stores. Activities are fun for children from pre-school through 6th grade. There is lots of information for those curious little scientists eager to learn more.

36 Lessons!
Lesson 1: Creation Week
Day 1 – Let There Be Light
Lesson 2: Energy
Lesson 3: Energetic Atoms
Lesson 4: Sound
Lesson 5: Light
Lesson 6: Light as a Wave
Day 2 – Sky & Waters Above & Below
Lesson 7: Weather
Lesson 8: Water Weather
Lesson 9: Jet Stream, Currents, Wind, Rain
Lesson 10: Extreme Weather
Lesson 11: Water’s Superpowers
Day 3 – Dry Ground & Plants
Lesson 12: Rocks & Minerals
Lesson 13: Earthquakes
Lesson 14: Mountains & Volcanoes
Lesson 15: Plant Life
Lesson 16: Trees
Lesson 17: Grasses & Flowering Plants
Lesson 18: Seeds & Roots
Day 4 – Sun, Moon, Stars
Lesson 19: Sun & Moon
Lesson 20: Our Solar System I
Lesson 21: Our Solar System II
Lesson 22: Stars & Constellations
Lesson 23: Galaxies & the Universe
Day 5 – Flying & Swimming Creatures
Lesson 24: Swimming Creatures I
Lesson 25: Swimming Creatures II
Lesson 26: Water Habitats
Lesson 27: Flying Creatures I
Lesson 28: Flying Creatures II
Lesson 29: Flying Creatures III
Day 6 – Land Animals & People
Lesson 30: Land Mammals
Lesson 31: Reptiles & Amphibians
Lesson 32: Invertebrates
Lesson 33: Habitats of Land & Flying Animals I
Lesson 34: Habitats of Land & Flying Animals II
Lesson 35: Adam & Eve
Day 7 – Rest
Lesson 36: Rest & Sleep

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