God Bless the USA National Parks Memory Game


Add the fun factor to US geography studies with our beautiful national park memory game. What a great way to discover how many national parks there are and how much variety exists–from deserts to tropical beaches to glaciers to volcanoes! The memory game is fun for all ages and these memory cards often spark interest for students to dig deeper and learn more about our country’s parks. Students may end up writing reports or planning your next family vacation. This is a super fun game to play when you are studying US geography or learning more about our national parks.

Created to supplement God Bless the USA Exploring States & TerritoriesGod Bless the USA National Park Memory Game, preschool, elementary, and middle school students will enjoy adding it to US geography studies or a unit study on national parks. The colorful 126 memory cards are divided into geographical sections like the rest of our God Bless the USA series and have a lovely pale green leafy back if you print double-sided. Grab your set today! 


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Learn Geography the Fun Way!

Travel is my favorite way to learn geography. I wish I could visit all 63 US National Parks, and that doesn’t even include national monuments, historic sites, and seashores! If you can’t visit our 63 national parks in person, learning about them with this super-fun Memory Game is the Next Best Thing!

Created to supplement our US geography curriculum series God Bless the USA Exploring States & Territories and the rest of the series, God Bless the USA National Parks Memory Game introduces your children to our diverse national parks.


There are 63 national park memory card pairs (total 126 cards) for your family to enjoy!

Print this file on cardstock double-sided. Cut out memory cards. Laminate for long-term use.

This is a fun game all ages can play together! It’s all about memory so even younger children can win!


Goal of the Game: Collect the Most Pairs.

How to Play:

  • Shuffle the cards and lay them face down in rows on the table.
  • Youngest player goes first and players take turns in clockwise directions.
  • On each turn a player turns over 2 cards, one at a time and if the cards match (like 2 Grand Canyon National Parks), the player keeps them.
  • If the players gets a match, he or she gets a second turn.
  • If a player doesn’t get a match, he or she turns the cards over and it’s the next player’s turn.
  • Players must try to remember where the cards are to get matches. The one with the most pairs is the winner.

There are 64 pairs (total of 128 cards) so you may want to divide up the cards to play. You can divide by state regions or just randomly chose groups of cards to play with together.


This memory game was created to go with our God Bless the USA: Exploring States & Territories and other curricula in the God Bless the USA series.


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