Watch Your Way Thru The 20th Century
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We love to watch movies while we work on our timelines in our house. So, when we decided to study the 20th Century for a year, the first thing we did was look for movies. 

​There are so many good movies to choose from. It was hard to narrow it down. 

We looked at ​HIS Story of the 20th Century​ to choose movies that would dovetail nicely with the material covered in each decade. 

The great thing about movies is that they bring another place and time alive for the whole family. We can enjoy Prince Edward Island with Anne or experience the danger of World War I with Sergeant York. We can cheer Eric Liddell on in Chariots of Fire and hope racial tensions will be overcome in Remember the Titans. 

When it comes to World War II movies, there are so many to choose from. Over the years, we have watched so many good movies about World War II. I just couldn’t include them all. 

​Anyway, here are the movies we chose. 

​​Tap the picture to learn more about each movie. 

First Decade: 1900-1910

Second Decade: 1910-1920

Third Decade: 1920-1930

Fourth Decade: 1930-1940

Fifth Decade: 1940-1950

The Sixth Decade: 1950-1960

The Seventh Decade: 1960-1970

The Eighth Decade: 1970-1980

The Ninth Decade: 1980-1990

The Tenth Decade: 1990-2000

Well, there you have it. All the movies we’ve enjoyed as we study 20th Century History!

Not only did we watch movies, we created our own miniature golf course, put on a vaudeville show, made a trench sundae, sent postcards from our road trip on Route 66, made “buildings” out of boxes, splatter painted, read living books, and listened to music from various decades in the 20th Century. 

We had a blast studying the 20th Century and I want to share our resources with you. 

The textbook, HIS Story of the 20th Century covers world history decade by decade opening each chapter with a fictional snapshot to grab the student’s attention to give a feel for the decade and timeline info at the beginning of each decade section. The are fun history labs at the end of every chapter. We have suggestions for movies and living books for each decade. The textbook is written in a conversational style–perfect for reading aloud to all ages or fun to read alone. ​There are two workbooks, one for high school (HIS Story of the 20th Century High School Workbook) and one for middle school (HIS Story of the 20th Century Middle School Workbook), containing end-of-chapter questions, hands-on-activities, timelines with timeline figures, that go with the textbook. ​Oh, and don’t forget the cookbook (HIS Story of the 20th Century Cookbook). History is always more fun with food! You will find mouth-watering recipes from all over the world popular in the 20th Century.  

I researched the 20th Century for 2 years and wrote a textbook for middle school and high school students, HIS Story of the 20th Century. Each chapter opens with a fictional vignette to introduce the decade. Two workbooks (HIS Story of the 20th Century High School Workbook and HIS Story of the 20th Century Middle School Workbook) with timeline pages and figures were created as well, one for middle school and one for high school. Of course, we had to have a cookbook, HIS Story of the 20th Century Cookbook. I also added answer keys to make teaching the 20th Century easier. 

HIS Story of the 20th CenturyLiving Book Textbook, each chapter starts with a fictional snapshot to give you a taste of life in that decade. You will not only discover people, events, inventions, and breakthroughs of the 20th Century, you will be inspired in your faith because the Lord was moving in the 20th Century, just as he still is today.
If you want to go beyond the facts, to discover the stories and people, this is the course for you! You will learn the what, where, when, why, and how of major and minor events in the 20th Century.

The 20th Century is an amazing time to study because there was so much change, so many breakthroughs, so much darkness, and yet God’s light still shining through. We loved our 20th Century studies, and we encourage you to explore this fascinating century, too…with us! Check out the whole series here

At the very least, watch your way through the 20th Century. You’ll have a blast and learn a lot, too! 

Until next time, Happy Homeschooling!

Meredith Curtis​

Tell the world what you have found here!

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