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Would you like to find a fun way to get the entire family involved in your study of 20th century history? Reach their brains through their stomachs! Over a delicious meal from the decade you are studying, you can get everyone invested in the excitement of historical events, people, and culture.

HIS Story of the 20th Century Cookbook includes recipes from each decade of the last century across the globe. You will also learn about new food inventions and what foods were popular. Most recipes have been adapted with easily found ingredients so you can cook and bake these dishes in your own kitchen. You don’t need to be a professional chef either. These recipes are easy to follow, and so is 20th century history when you learn it the fun way!


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With a desire to make the 20th century come alive for our children, we dug out old family cookbooks and went hunting further afield to collect recipes from each decade. We were studying HIS Story of the 20th Century and wanted to feast along the way. We created menus for each decade and sometimes we went out to eat for Vietnamese noodles or Chinese food. However, we had the most fun cooking up our own version of 20th century food!

Would you like to add tasty treats and fun to your 20th century world history studies? Learn history the fun way by eating your way through the 20th Century. This cookbook is part of the HIS Story of the 20th Century series and goes decade by decade, chapter by chapter right along with HIS Story of the 20th Century textbook and workbooks. You will find recipes and menus to use at home or in your homeschool c0-op.

When we study 20th century history in our homeschool co-op, we kick off each month with a feast–all the recipes come from HIS Story of the 20th Century Cookbook

Here are the chapters and kind of recipes you will find in each one!

1900s–First Decade

  • Boxer Rebellion in China (Chinese menu & recipes)
  • Great Commission & Creation Mandate (USA farm menu & recipes)
  • Empires at Turn of Century (British nursery menu & recipes)


  • Exploration & Construction (Titanic menu & recipes)
  • Mexican Revolution (Mexican menu & recipes)
  • War to End All Wars (WWI menu & recipes)
  • Aftermath of World War I (USA & UK state dinner menu & recipes)


  • The Roaring Twenties (Baseball menu & recipes)
  • Good & Bad Changes (Tea at Ritz menu & recipes)
  • Problems & Plans (Mussolini Italian menu & recipes)


  • The Turbulent Thirties (Lunch at the Waldorf-Astoria menu & recipes)
  • Rumblings of War (Spanish Civil War menu & recipes)
  • Churchill & Van Braun (Churchill & UK menu & recipes)


  • World War II (Pearl Harbor Hawaii menu & recipes)
  • World War II (USA Home Front menu & recipes)
  • Turmoil in Asia (Japanese Occupation menu & recipes)
  • Israel Becomes a Nation (Israeli menu & recipes)


  • Korean War & More (Korean menu & recipes)
  • The Cold War (Airline menu & recipes & Make Your Own TV Dinner)
  • Big News in 1950s (Diner menu & recipes)


  • Cold War & Space Race (Cuban menu & recipes)
  • Vietnam War (French menu & recipes)
  • Vietnam War (Vietnamese menu & recipes)
  • More Turmoil (Sunday Dinner menu & recipes)


  • Retreat, Rebellion, & Revival (Hippie menu & recipes)
  • Uganda (Ugandan menu & recipes)
  • Taking on Terrorism (Middle Eastern menu & recipes)


  • Thatcher & Reagan Fight Communism (German menu & recipes)
  • Thatcher & Reagan Fight Communism (Russian menu & recipes)
  • Challenges & Changes (Weight Loss menu & recipes)
  • Challenges & Changes (Barbq menu & recipes)
  • Shot Down Over Bosnia (Tex-Mex menu & recipes)

We hope you will have a blast using this cookbook in your own studies of 20th century history.


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