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I woke up one morning recently and realized that we are living history right now! Our children and grandchildren will want to know all about it. This Coronavirus pandemic is affecting the entire world! And there is information everywhere about health, viruses, the economy, government agencies, and so much more! What a great time to research and record history-in-the-making!

I created this beautiful research notebook just for you! You can print whatever pages you want to use for your children and let them research online. I give you some resources at the beginning, but I know you will find even more as you research with your children.

I made the pages bright and cheerful. Covid-19 Research Journal is easy to use and your children will be excited to put their own Covid-19 Research Notebook together to save to show their own children one day! It’s so simple–just print, research, fill out, and save in a keepsake notebook!


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Do you want an easy print-and-go resource to use with your children/students? Covid-19 Research Notebook is perfect!
We are living through an historical event! Your students will tell their grandchildren about the Coronavirus Pandemic that changed American’s lives.
This is a perfect educational opportunity to research ALL aspects of Covid-19 and the information is everywhere!
Print, research, fill out, and save in a keepsake notebook! This is the perfect way to hold on to information about Covid-19 for future generations.
Covid-19 Research Notebook starts out with a list of online information where you can start your search. Your student can explore and research in the following areas of Covid-19:
  • Covid -19 Basics
  • Virus & Immune System
  • Economy
  • Government
  • Faith
  • Family
  • Fighting Covid-19 in the USA (White House Task Force)
  • Covid-19 State Research
  • Covid-19 Country Research
With 68 printable pages in this 100-page research notebook to use for each student, you can personalize which pages go to which student or everyone can do the same thing!

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