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We love timelines! American History Timeline makes American history come alive by giving children and teens a “bird’s eye view” of historical events and people from the pages of USA history. American History Timeline has timeline pages and over 1,000 timeline figures in two sizes for an exciting look at people, events, inventions, and discoveries. Beginning with the Age of Exploration right and extending up until Recent Times, this project will be fun for children and teens of all ages. As a bonus, you get to create a beautiful teaching tool that you can use in years ahead.

Over 1,000 timeline figures are included from the following historical epochs: Age of Exploration, Colonial American, American Revolution, A New Nation, Westward Expansion, Division between North & South, Golden Age, Turn-of-the-Century, War & Roar, Turbulent Thirties & Fighting Forties, Nifty Fifties to Swirly Seventies, and Recent Times.


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The creation of your very own American history timeline will cement dates, people, and events in everyone’s minds and give a bird’s eye view of history to the whole family.  Timelines are a great way to add hands-on fun to your history class. In our house, we work on our timelines while we watch an historical movie set in the time period we are working on.

Over 1,000 timeline figures are included from the following historical epochs:

  • Age of Exploration
  • Colonial America
  • American Revolution
  • A New Nation
  • Westward Expansion
  • Division between North & South
  • Golden Age
  • Turn-of-the-Century
  • War & Roar
  • Turbulent Thirties & Fighting Forties
  • Nifty Fifties to Swirly Seventies
  • Recent Times

​We have also included living book and movie suggestions at the beginning of each section. This timeline is a great addition to any study of American History.

There are too many timeline figures to use them all! So what we have done is to make two sections in each epoch. For each section, there are the basic timeline figures in two sizes. In addition, there are bonus timeline figures in two sizes. Families can choose which figures to use on the timeline.

DIGITAL BONUS: You will receive a second pdf file of larger Timeline Figures to use if you want to make your own timeline and need larger figures.

American History Timeline is a thorough look at the people and events of American History.


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