Ancient History Timeline with Timeline Figures


Are you looking for ways to help children and teens remember dates, events, and people?

Do some of your children have trouble seeing the big-picture view of history?

A timeline can help you! If you are studying Ancient Times, Ancient History Timeline will bring clarity to a long stretch of history. Your kids will see how civilizations and people overlap. It’s so exciting! I just love these timeline figures that Laura made! They are bright, colorful, and attractive. Best of all, they really make each person and event come alive in my imagination. What a blessing this timeline has been in our home school. This is so easy to use: print the timeline pages and tape them together or put them in a notebook. Then print and cut out the timeline figures. I love to hang mine on the wall when we’re finished!


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“Oh, I get it!” “Wow! I didn’t realize these guys lived at the same time!”

Timelines have always brought clarity to my children’s understanding of history. Our family loves seeing the “big picture” of people and events. They also love to see how lives overlap. One thing that is fun to do with this timeline to see how long early man lived is to put one timeline figure at the birth and one at the death, drawing a line between. You can use a different color for each life so that you can see how very long their lives were and how they overlapped with others. Since Ancient History often covers such a long span of time, this timeline is a necessity each time we dig into the past.

We think timelines are awesome! They make history come alive by giving children and teens a “bird’s eye view” of historical events and people.

A great addition to any study of Ancient Time,  Ancient History Timeline begins with Creation (circa 4100 B.C.) and extends to A.D. 1000. This is an exciting way to create a beautiful teaching tool with your children. Learn history the fun way–with a timeline!

Over 300 timeline figures are included from the following historical epochs:

  • Creation, Flood & Ice age
  • Early Civilizations
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Ancient Israel
  • Assyria
  • Babylon
  • Persia
  • Greece
  • Rome
  • Jesus’Life & Times
  • Apostolic Age
  • Early Church
  • Early Missionaries
  • Fall of Rome
  • Byzantine Empire

This book includes attractive timeline pages to sort all your timeline figures. ​We have also included living book and movie suggestions at the beginning of each section. This timeline is a great addition to any study of Ancient History.


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