Families Learning Together: American History Art Appreciation


Are you studying American history this year? Our children always enjoy looking at art masterpieces from the time period we are studying in history.

From the Age of Exploration to Recent Times, this kid-friendly and teen-friendly art appreciation course brings historical events and people to life! We have chosen artists who have been enjoyed for decades and centuries by Americans from all walks of life. Some of these artists painted portraits of famous Americans, others painted historical scenes, a few painted America’s beautiful natural landscapes, and all of them give us a glimpse of American life!

Families Learning Together: American Art Appreciation contains lessons on American artists to go along with any American History curriculum. It was created for all ages to enjoy and explore American paintings together.


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Art allows us to travel back in time to see American history through the artists’ eyes. What fun to study paintings to learn more about our nation’s heritage!

Each lesson gives a brief history of the artist and his style before we examine several of his paintings. Use our questions as a springboard to family discussions. The first lesson explains how to appreciate art, including exploring elements of art and principles of design.

We will look at the following artists:

  • Anthony Van Dyck
  • Gilbert Stuart
  • John James Audubon
  • Thomas Cole
  • Thompkins Harrison Matteson
  • Frederic Edwin Church
  • Winslow Homer
  • Norman Rockwell.


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