Book Review: Venturing With God In The Congo From Conjurske Publications
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A missionary story–how exciting! Venturing with God in the Congo from Conjurske Publications is an inspirational story of a missionary family sold out to Jesus Christ and the Great Commission. I loved the book!

At first the cover scared me so I left the book on the counter for a week. Everyone who picked it up said, “Cool cover! What’s this about?” or something similar! Soon I had a household full of interested readers.

I wanted to read the book first and then pass it on.

When I finally picked it up and started reading, I was so glad I did. I was so impressed with the honesty of the book. There was no sugarcoating their adventures, fears, and trust in God. I loved the honesty!

Venturing with God in the Congo is a collection of memoir stories Darrell wrote in the early 21st Century. He has gone on to Glory and his wife has collected his stories into a book that is readable and inspiring!

Darrell and Louise headed off to the Congo with a toddler and a baby on the way. Not only did they make their home in a steamy jungle, they basically time-traveled back in time 100’s of years so they could share the Good News about Jesus!

Life where they ministered was primitive. I shuddered many times thinking of snakes, cougars, and fire ants. Okay, I’m not a nature girl, but this is nature at its most scary. Through all the wild beasts of the jungle, God demonstrated His protective care. One night a cougar tried to break into the children’s bedroom of their easy-to-break-into house. God sent the cougar away! How did they know. In the morning, they saw cougar prints on the window. Yikes!

My heart thrilled of stories of salvations. I was especially excited when a witch doctor gave his life to Christ and burned all his fetishes, charms, and little idols in a big bonfire. I was delighted by the simple faith of these Africans in the Congo Jungle.

Most teens would love the adventures in this book and would enjoy reading it on their own.

It would also make a perfect unit study spine. You could learn about missionaries, jungle animals, Belgian colonial period, Congo Independence, Congo River, plants of the area, homes, tribal villages, transportation, roads, and education.

This book would make a perfect family read aloud when the family is studying Africa in a geography course or for Bible/Missionary morning basket time. Simply read one story each day or one story per week.

I felt so inspired by this family’s love for the African people and their desire to serve those people even at the cost of their life and family. One of their dear friends was martyred in the Congo Jungle during the Revolution while another friend escaped miraculously.

They lived on next-to-nothing in terms of finances, but in terms of faith–they were filled to the brim with trust in the infinite goodness of God. I can’t wait to meet them in Heaven!

The mission of Conjurske Publications is “to reprint the greatest Christian literature from the past several centuries and present it to Christians across the globe today.” That warms my heart because I love reading classic books. The also publish modern authors who meet their biblical standards.

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