Book Review: Pursued to Eternity
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Sometimes real life is more exciting than fiction–that the case with the true story behind Pursued to Eternity by John Riley from Covenant Books.

A quick read at 151 pages, the author takes us on a speeding bullet train though time. We are reminded of God’s pursuit of man and the devil’s attempt to keep me in chains of unbelief in chapter one. We also start with Creation, move to The Flood and how God invaded time and space as Baby Jesus. The author reminds us of evolution’s entrance into modern history with its accompanying racism and other lies.

Chapter Two takes us back to the time right after the Tower of Babel and we meet a group of hunters. Unfortunately, the wounded beast’s tail knocks one of the men into a bog where he quickly dies just before the beast.

The next few chapters introduce us to some Egyptians who are sympathetic to the Hebrews. In Chapter Eight, we are back in modern times with a family celebrating Thanksgiving dinner together. One brother is a believer and the other is not. The following nine chapters tie everything together along with some amazing proofs about Creation, biblical chronology, and God’s pursuit of the lost brother.

I love this book! It is exciting from beginning to the end. Though unconventional in its storytelling style, it works! I cried through parts, laughed though parts, and was reminded that we are loved by a God who keeps His promises and always pursues the lost.

This miraculous story impacted the whole family from youngest to oldest. It reminded us that we are loved and always pursued. It reminded us to be on guard against the devil’s schemes. It also weaved in apologetics and creation science. It is definitely a book I recommend for a family read aloud or read-on-your-own for teens.

Many apologetics books are great resources, but fail to engage the emotions. This book engages the emotions.

John Riley teaches a courses on called Apologetics: Creation vs. Evolution.

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Tell the world what you have found here!

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