7 Reasons Home is the Best Place to Raise Leaders
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The world needs confident men and women of integrity who will lead in their homes, churches, communities, and nations.

Natural-Born Leaders

There are natural leaders that people just follow into disaster. They have a charisma about them that people are drawn to. Unfortunately, this natural ability doesn’t mean they have good character or care about the people that follow them. There are plenty of leaders around with personality but no moral compass. 

If you are raising a natural-born leader, make sure to train them to be a godly leader.

Godly Leadership

Godly leadership is a combination of character, love, and skill. Godly leaders are good followers with humble hearts. They grow up making choices to obey God rather than follow the world. Their wisdom comes from the Bible and applying Scripture to life’s circumstances. Most of all, they have a love for people that springs from a relationship with God. This love motivates them to do what is best for others, including mentoring/teaching them.

Godly leaders who make wise decisions and lead people in a way that is good and right. These men and women are rare. 

Home Sweet Home

Home is the perfect location to grow leaders and homeschooling is the best method of raising them up!

Why is that? 

Because families are God’s plan for raising the next generation!

In the home where Jesus is Lord and His ways are put into practice, children flourish. Family members learn to love one another, treat one another with respect, work through conflict honorably, and serve those around us. Children’s eyes become fixed on Jesus and people, wanting to make a difference in others’ lives, not pursue selfish interests.

Lovers of God

In a home where Jesus is loved, the Bible is obeyed, and problems are attacked with prayer, children grow up to trust the Lord. This trust leads to decision-making time where they can make a lifelong commitment to Jesus Christ, responding to the Gospel as their own person. There are no grandchildren in the Kingdom of God!

A relationship with Jesus is the foundation for good leadership. As we humbly walk with God, He gives us all that we need to leader the people He loves.


A home filled with lovingkindness produces children that are confident. They are willing to try new things and even fail because they know that failures don’t define them. 

You see, leaders take risks and sometimes they make mistakes. A good leader knows that failure doesn’t hurt him—there are always new lessons to learn for the rest of our lives.

Leaders have to deal with criticism and rejection. This requires confidence!


Leadership often involves teaching or mentoring. Parents that value education and use all of life to teach their children produce kids who love to learn. A lifestyle of learning creates a sense of wonder in a child and often a strong desire to pass on what they learn to others. These children grow up to be leaders who are able to teach/mentor those they care for. 


Children who are raised to do the right thing no matter who is watching and keep their word even if it’s inconvenient grow up to be men and women of integrity. They tell the truth, keep their promises, and expect others to do the same. 

I cannot emphasize how important this is. Integrity is a virtue that is being lost in our day.

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Effective Communicators

Communication is at the heart of leadership. In the age of technology, leaders often have to be able to speak, text, email, blog, and give sound bites, along with being an example of what they are teaching.

Children who are treated with respect and engage in meaningful conversations with adults grow up to be good communicators with good manners. Yes, manners matter. Simple courtesies that demonstrate respect to others make a huge difference.

Leaders must also handle conflict and be able to disagree with others in a respectful way. When families walk through conflict in a biblical way that works toward unity, they grow up to be adults who can disagree and still be polite while working together with those who hold different viewpoints. 

Servant Heart

Jesus is the perfect leader. He led in such a different way than the leaders of His day and our day. In a home where family members help each other out and genuinely care about others’ needs, a servant’s heart is cultivated. Jesus is the perfect model of servant leadership.

Wouldn’t the world be a better place with more Christlike leaders?


Leaders often find themselves have lots on their plate, dealing with conflict, and making hard choices. This requires self-discipline.

A good leader thrives with a manageable schedule and realistic expectations of himself and others. He must manage his time well.

A good leader does not yell, curse, or belittle others in the middle of conflict. This requires self-control.

A good leader must make hard choices and accept responsibility if he made the wrong call, not blame others.

When parents teach their little ones to obey cheerfully, control their anger, stick to a routine, and take responsibility for their actions, children grow up to be self-controlled and disciplined. 

Your home is like a green house where tender young lives are nurtured before they are transported into the world. Unlike a one-time seedling-to-garden transfer, we get to introduce our children to the world a little at a time, preparing them to stand strong for purity and honor.

As you can see, home is the perfect place to raise the kind of the leaders the world needs today!

Will you step out and raise tomorrow’s leaders?

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Until next time, Happy Homeschooling!


Meredith Curtis

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