God’s Girls 104: Motherhood


Most little girls play with baby dolls and want to grow up to be Mommies. However, new mothers often feel overwhelmed and wonder how on earth they are supposed to mother this brand new baby. This course was created for my own daughters so they could enter motherhood with confidence and wisdom. You can prepare your own daughter today for motherhood in the future with God’s Girls 104: Motherhood, a one-credit life skills course. The God’s Girls courses are practical, fun, and realistic–a favorite with homeschooled young ladies!

Moms, as you mentor your daughters through this course, you will find yourself learning and growing, too. Filled with Scripture, and assignments which engage girls of any age, God’s Girls 104: Motherhood is an essential and unique high school class that’s a must-have for any Christian young woman’s education.


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God’s Girls 104: Motherhood,  a one-credit high school life skills course, prepares young women to be godly mothers later in life and to effectively care for children today. Moms mentor their daughters, meeting with them once a week to discuss material in the course, work on memory work, and pray together. Girls love this course and it’s a great bonding year for mom/daughter.

Your daughters will…

  • Complete word studies in the Bible
  • Memorize Isaiah 49:14-16 and Isaiah 40:11
  • Read living books and inspirational classics that will impact their walk with the Lord
  • Enjoy hands-on projects
  • Serve as a mom’s helper once a month
  • Interview stay-at-home moms and write an essays on their discoveries
  • Create a “When I Grow Up, I’m Going to Be A Mommy” booklet for little girls
  • Meet with Mom once a week for discussion, clarification, and prayer

Your daughters will learn about…

  • Children development, including in the womb
  • Pregnancy
  • Nutritional, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of children
  • How to create a nurturing environment in your home
  • Changes in puberty and how to parent preteens and teens
  • Mothers in the Bible
  • Children’s health
  • Leading little ones to Christ
  • How to plug into the local church as a family
  • Family relationships and working through conflict
  • Family fun and memories
  • Purity
  • Emotional needs of preteens
  • Preparing teens for life, college, and career
  • Passing the baton of faith

Pastor Mike and Meredith use the Holy Bible and other living books to teach life skills and prepare their teenagers to be joyful and successful adults with healthy relationships. Originally designed for their children, and later for close friends and church members, this class uses the mentoring style of teaching. Moms meet once a week for mentoring time with their daughter. The goal of this Bible/Life Skills course is to prepare them to live godly lives now and in the future when they are adults working, studying, enjoying marriage, and parenting their own children.

Aside from  God’s Girls 104: Motherhood and your Bible, you will need to purchase, borrow, or download the following books:

  • Heart and Home: A Reaffirmation of Traditional Mothering by Debra Evans
  • Raising Kids Who Hunger for God by Benny & Sheree Phillips
  • Shepherding A Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp
  • A Mother’s Touch by Elise Arndt
  • The Mission of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson
  • Becoming Mom Strong by Heidi St. John
  • Romancing Your Child’s Heart by Monty Swan

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