A Wise Woman Builds Bible Study


Whether you are a mom who wants to mentor her children, a Sunday school teacher, a worship leader, a deaconess, a pastor’s wife, a homeschool Mom, a co-op leader, a counselor, a life coach, a mentor, or a small group leader, the principles in this Bible study are life-changing!

Pairing Biblical insight with practical tips, Meredith offers answers to the questions you have about being a woman the Lord can and will use. It’s so important to imitate Jesus and to fulfill the Great Commission with His strength, not our own. Apart from Him, we can do nothing.

A Wise Woman Builds Bible Study is all about leadership, mentoring, teaching, using your gifts, loving others, leading a small group, counseling, and helping others find their place in God’s Family. Bonus Material includes Motivational Gift Survey, List of Local Church Ministry Opportunities, How to Lead a Bible Study, Recipes, Ministry Methods, Orthodox Christianity, Ingredients of a Small Group, Small Group Dynamics, Sample Counseling Sessions, How to Break Strongholds, Spiritual Gift Descriptions, and so much more!


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You love the Lord. You love to pray and read the Word of God. You are planted in a local church where you love and serve others. You reach out to the unbelievers in your world, sharing the Good News about Jesus. You want to make a difference, to be a world changer!

Is there More?


It’s time to grow up and become a Wise Woman who Builds in the Kingdom for the Glory of Christ Jesus!

Meredith started working on this material in college and years later tweaked it for her daughters and the ladies in her church. Her daughters started with Lovely to Behold and finished up with A Wise Woman Builds.

Are you ready to press in to Jesus and change the world around you? Let’s dig into the Word of God together! Each chapter contains Scripture verses to memorize.

Note: This Bible study is used in the our Great Commission course.

Each chapter in this Bible study covers truths that will transform your heart, life, and ministry.

There are 25 Lessons in this book. 

  1. The Great Commission
  2. Build My Church
  3. Jesus’ Prayer
  4. Jesus Builds His Foundation
  5. Ladies Under Construction
  6. I am a Servant
  7. His Blueprints: Vision & Power
  8. A Servant’s Building Tools
  9. The Life of Peter
  10. Manifestation Gifts from the Holy Spirit
  11. Motivational & Placement Ministry Gifts
  12. Authority: The Gift from Jesus
  13. Speak Truth with Love in Wisdom
  14. Build with Love
  15. Ministering In & From the Home
  16. Five Part Process of Discipleship
  17. Proclaiming Jesus & the Good News
  18. Evangelistic Lifestyle
  19. Rebirth & Promoting Father-Infant Bonding
  20. Mentoring
  21. Pastoral Care
  22.  Motherhood I
  23. Motherhood II
  24.  Leadership
  25.  Training Her to Train Others

A Note from the Author

Proverbs 14:1 tells us that wise women build and foolish women tear down. The passion of my heart is to build my family, my home, my local church and the Kingdom of God! I (Meredith Curtis) long to be empowered by the Holy Spirit to fulfill the Great Commission, making disciples and teaching them EVERYTHING Jesus commanded!

All 25 lessons in this Bible study reveal the process of building others up for the glory of God. We look at Jesus’ model of making disciples, wisdom, spiritual gifts, motherhood, hospitality, leading a Bible study, counseling, and passing the baton! This workbook takes you to the Scripture passages that set the direction of my life, mothering, worship leading, and homeschooling.

I live my live by these principles in A Wise Woman Builds and stand firmly behind them with all of my heart! Prepare to be challenged by this Bible study to go deeper and live passionately for the purposes of God!

These principles apply to every part of your life with people in it. I parent with these principles, as well as apply them in leading worship and mentoring women. You will never be the same if you put these principles into practice! More importantly, your family and friends will be impacted for eternity!


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