Jesus, Fill My Heart and Home Bible Study


If the cry of your heart is: “Jesus, fill my heart and home with Your Presence,” then this Bible study is for you!

Abiding in Jesus enables us to be filled with His Presence! When we are filled with His Presence, we can bring that lovely fragrance into our homes! You will be encourage, challenged, and inspired to grow in your relationship with your Savior and King, Jesus. You will be equipped to bring His wonderful Presence into your home. There are also a few surprises…like you need colored pencils for weeks four and five.


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Jesus, Fill My Heart and Home Bible Study explores Scripture passages on homemaking for the glory of God.

This Bible study is filled with gentle wisdom to make your home a joyful nurturing center and a refuge of peace. There are 12 lessons that cover topics such as interior decorating, decluttering, organizing, hospitality, holidays, and traditions; those things that help make a house a home. But the study starts where all homemaking should start…with Jesus. We have to abide in Him before we can bring His love and joy into our homes.

Learn to…

  • Decorate with Color
  • Fill Your Life with the Word of God
  • Create a Nurturing Environment in Your Home
  • Set Goals, Live by Priorities, Make Plans
  • Set a Proper Table
  • Have a Daily Quiet Time
  • Make Birthdays Special
  • Make Holidays Festive
  • Live by a Realistic Schedule
  • Train Kids to Help with Chores
  • Decorate with a Focal Point
  • Fill Your Life with Worship
  • Show Hospitality with Confidence
  • Organize Your Home
  • Use File Folders Productively
  • Get Rid of Clutter

Let’s dig into the Word of God together as we learn to create a home that reflects our eternal home, Heaven.


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