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Are you looking for a course that covers the entire New Testament of the Bible for your high school teens? I have what you’re looking for!

You see, I wanted my teens to read the entire Bible in high school—not just for information, but transformation! It was also a desire in my heart for them to learn to use some Bible study reference tools. That’s how 2 Bible courses were born: Old Testament Survey and New Testament Survey!

New Testament Survey is a 1-credit high school Bible course that your teens can work on their own at home, reading the entire New Testament in chronological order, learning to use Bible reference tools, reading a few living books, mapping, and making a timeline. And here’s a fun twist: social media profile pages for new Testament book writers, so that teens can use Bible reference tools in a fun way!


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Students will read the entire New Testament all the way through in New Testament Survey, a 1-credit Bible course.  Bible study tools will be used to complete assignments during the year and no one should be nervous about using them because the assignments are simple! Map assignments are part of the course too. These give you a better feel for WHERE things happened. You will also read several books this year to help you grow in your understanding of God’s Word!

Bible Study Reference Tools are going to become familiar to you this year because you will be using them to complete your assignments. You will be using the following tools:

  • Bible Concordance
  • Bible Atlas
  • Greek Interlinear Bible
  • Bible Dictionary
  • Bible Handbook
  • Bible Commentary

You will need the following things for New Testament Survey:

  • This e-book printed and put inside a notebook with pockets
  • Bible (ESV, NASB, KJ, NKJ, RSV, or another LITERAL translation of the Bible—NO PARAPHRASES!)
  • Bible Handbook (from conservative, not liberal scholars)
  • Living Books: Josephus: Thrones of Blood, More Than a Carpenter, Search for Significance, How-to-study-the-Bible book of your choice, and an historical fiction novel set in the time of Jesus of your choice.

You will need access to:

  • A Bible Dictionary
  • A Bible Atlas
  • A Bible Commentary or set of commentaries
  • A Bible Concordance

*Don’t think you have to buy these reference books.  They are needed only a few times, so you can borrow them from your pastor, a seminary student, or a serious Bible studier!

There is a purpose for every book you read in this New Testament Survey. You will read the following books:

July: How-to-study-the-Bible book of your choice

August: Josephus: Thrones of Blood

October: More than a Carpenter by Josh McDowell

December: historical fiction novel set in the time of Jesus of your choice

April: Search for Significance

Students will:

  • Read the ENTIRE New Testament in Chronological Order
  • Complete Bible Reading Charts to Record Observation, Interpretation, & Application
  • Enjoy Map Projects
  • Create a Timeline
  • Read Historical Fiction & Complete Simple & Helpful Book Report Sheets
  • Use Bible Reference Tool Assignments
  • Complete social media Profile Pages for New Testament Authors
  • Memorize a Passage from the Old Testament (or more)

Aside from the information-packed, consumable NewTestament Survey worktext and enjoying the book of books, God’s Word, you have the option to read historical fiction mentioned in the course or historical fiction of your choice. We always find that historical fiction makes history come alive!

High School students,  Adults, and Advanced Middle-School students will enjoy this class.


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