10 Tips for Great Holiday Photos
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The time is approaching when homeschooling families take that famous holiday photo, send it to relatives, and post it on Facebook.

Does your family dread the annual family photo shoot? Do you want to get great photos this year? It’s not as hard as you think to get great family photos.

Here are 10 tips for fabulous photos you will be proud to share!

Choose the time and place ahead and let everyone involved know location, time, and attire as soon as possible.

Make sure everyone has eaten, used the bathroom, and dressed before you leave. Keep things peaceful and deal with hurt feelings/anger before the photo shoot begins. Tired and hungry leads to cranky.

Prepare for the unexpected. Bring extra sets of clothes just in case and non-messy snacks (crackers, cheese cubes, dried fruit).

Choose an attractive background like a lake, park, brick wall, wooden fence, pasture, gazebo, beach, back yard, or pretty building.

The best time of day to take photos is a couple of hours after sunrise and a couple of hours before sunset. The light is softer.

Sunset over ocean

Everyone doesn’t have to match, though that’s super-fun, but do wear complimentary colors so that the overall effects is pleasing to the eye.

Take lots of photos for each pose so that you have an abundance of choices—super important when you have kids because it’s hard to find one where everyone is looking at the camera, smiling, and not in some crazy pose.

Make sure every face is visible and spacing is aesthetically pleasing.

Try turning and focusing on one person for a few photos to get lots of smiles. You can switch up people.

Try blowing bubbles, kicking a soccer ball, running, or climbing on playground equipment for a fun photo.

Photographs are so special because they capture moments in time that we can enjoy the rest of our lives. Speaking of photos, be sure to check out us out at Instagram.

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Meredith Curtis

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