Economics, Finances, and Business


Replace your dry, confusing economics textbooks with this fun, interactive economics course! Your teen will learn biblical economic principles that they can take into adulthood. Economics is not as hard as you think, especially if you are learning all about money and business in an interesting and practical way. Economics, Finances, & Business, a one-credit Economics course can be used at home or with a homeschool co-op.


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Let’s Learn Economics with Living Books!

Is it time for that dreaded required high school course on Economics?

Don’t panic! This just might be one of the best classes you experience in high school. Written from a Christian, Free-Market perspective, this course covers the basics of economics, managing personal finances, and starting your own business.

Students learn to manage personal, household, and business finances, as well as how to buy a car, be a wise consumer, choose a career, and plan for college. These teens do an apartment project where they find, furnish, and budget for an apartment. There are many hands-on, fun activities including cartooning, creating logos, and making a business plan. You will also create a personal mission statement, practice interviewing and run your own business. Students will learn about the stock market by playing the stock market game.

Students Will…

  • Read Living books on Economics, Financial Management, and Business like Wealth of the Nations and Whatever Happened to Penny Candy
  • Learn to manage personal, household, and business finances
  • Find, furnish, and budget for first apartment
  • Make a plan to buy a car
  • Invest in stock market with stock market game
  • Use consumer wisdom
  • Plan for college
  • Choose a career
  • Create logos and slogans
  • Make a business plan
  • Experience running a home business
  • Write essays
  • Give an economics speech
  • Watch The Ultimate Gift
  • Complete Consumer Mathematics I Lifepac 8: Business Services (Alpha Omega Publishing)

Aside from the information-packed textbook Economics, Finances, & Business, your teen will read many living books.

You will need to purchase, borrow, or download the following books:

  • Wealth of the Nations by Adam Smith
  • Using Your Money Wisely: Biblical Principles Under Scrutiny by Larry Burkett
  • Economics in One Easy Lesson by Harry Hazlet
  • Whatever Happened to Penny Candy by Richard Maybury (an Uncle Eric book)
  • Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx
  • The Money Mystery by Richard Maybury (an Uncle Eric book)
  • Uncle Eric Talks about Personal, Career, & Financial Security by Richard Maybury (an Uncle Eric book)
  • Money Matters for Teens Workbook by Larry Burkett
  • The Myth of the Robber Barons by Forest MacDonald
  • The Clipper Ship Strategy by Richard Maybury (an Uncle Eric book)
  • Business by the Book> by Larry Burkett


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