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With a desire to make history come alive for our family, we decided to research what different civilizations ate. ​We learned that the Persians loved to celebrate special occasions with sweets. The Egyptians cooked with lots of garlic, leeks, and barley. They also sweetened with honey. Of course, then we had to find some recipes and try to recreate their food!

Would your family enjoy bringing life to Ancient History studies? Ancient History Cookbook will open the door to exploring ancient civilizations in a way that tastes delicious. For my son, cooking, baking, and EATING are the best part of learning history! This collection of recipes, history, book lists, menu ideas, and more will be a key to unlocking the fun side of studying Ancient Times. Get your copy today!


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Here is our Ancient History Cookbook. We used it in our home and in our world history homeschool co-op. Everyone loved it! We would take turns making lunch based on the time period we were studying. From Eve’s Apple & Walnut Salad in the Garden of Eden to Ancient Egypt’s Leek and Onion Soup, we cooked and baked our way through time.

If you want to teach history the fun way, include cooking and baking to explore the time period, geographical area, and people you are studying, Ancient History Cookbook will be a tool in your history teaching toolbox. Food is a great way to immerse ourselves in a time period we are studying. After all, history is not just a bunch of dates and information, history is about real people who are loved by the One who created each one. I want my kids to love history because it’s God Story. This is a great way to cultivate history enthusiasm!

There are over 60 recipes in this cookbook! Here are a few…

  • Ice Age Slushies
  • Esau’s Birthright Lentil Stew
  • Ruth’s Barley Squares
  • Ezekiel Bread
  • Pythagoras’ Cinnamon Right Triangles
  • Marathon Honey Puffs
  • Han Chinese Pepper Steak
  • Sea of Galilee Tilapia

Each section starts out with information on the time period or civilization in that section. Updated recipes, based on older recipes or food enjoyed at the time, follow. The resource section follows the recipes and includes living books, textbook readings, teaching audios, and movies you can watch. Menu suggestions are included too. At the end of the book, you get our world history co-op lesson plans.

Here are the sections in Ancient History Cookbook:

  • Time Began in a Garden
  • It Began to Rain
  • Early Civilizations
  • Egypt & Israel
  • Israel, Assyrians, & Babylonians
  • Ancient China & India
  • Persians & Medes
  • Greek City-States
  • Roman Empire & Israel’s Messiah

Learn History the Fun Way—in Your Kitchen with Ancient History Cookbook!


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