Career Choices and The College Decision


Should I go to college? What should I do with the rest of my life? Teens are thinking about the future. Sometimes the choices can be overwhelming. Is your teen confused about his career path? Meredith Curtis presents a Christ-centered approach to making decisions.

God has a plan for your teen’s life. It is a good plan. The author lays out a plan for teens to discover the Lord’s call and purpose for their life. Then we’re off on a journey of career exploration. Teens and parents who have used this manual report that it is extremely helpful. If you are looking for a Christ-centered approach to choosing a career, this book is what you need.

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This book walks teens and parents through the adventure of making choices about possible careers and what college to apply for, if any at all.

Our adventure includes:

  • Interview people about their careers
  • Host a career panel
  • Links to free online skills, interests, and values assessments with suggested careers
  • Write a Life Mission Statement
  • Gain insight and experience through ministry

Once we have a good list of potential careers, it’s time to  research them further with the Occupational Outlook Handbook to learn more about the work involved, education required, workplace, salary, and growth forecast for the years ahead. Updated each year by the federal government, the Occupational Outlook Handbook is a free online resource.

As part of our journey, we look at the college question. While college is necessary for many careers, it is not the only option. This manual helps teens make the college decision with their parents. If your teen does choose the college path, there is a clear roadway laid out to visit colleges, apply, and investigate financial options.

Chapters in the Book: 

  • The Call on Your Life
  • How to Choose a Career
  • Your Ministry
  • God’s Call for Your Career & Ministry
  • FW Radio Interviews on Careers
  • Apprenticeship, Collage & Other
  • Pathways to a Career
  • The College Question
  • How to Choose a College
  • High School Year Check List by Graduation
  • How to Host a Career Panal
  • Career Exploration: Personality Assessment
  • Career Exploration: Skills, Interests, & Values Assessments
  • College Majors & Careers
  • Match Interests & Careers to Majors
  • Potentials College Majors & Careers
  • Career Exploration: Careers You Like
  • The College Application Process & Going to College Debt-Free
  • Discuss College Years with Mom & Dad
  • Preparing for College Worksheet

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