Before the Vows Are Made: Premarital Counseling Workbook for Engaged Couples


Before the Vows are Made: Premarital Counseling for Workbook for Engaged Couples is a great resource for pastors or other church leaders who do premarital counseling with soon-to-be wedded couples.

Filled with Scripture, pastors and counselors can help the future bride and groom lay a foundation to build their house on the rock.


Full color pages in eBook. Print book at Amazon has black and white pages.

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Pastor Mike & I cover 17 topics with engaged couples that get married at Powerline Church.  We meet weekly for 10-18 weeks.

Engaged couples fill out a pre-test before coming to each session which gives the pastor/counselor an idea of their Scriptural knowledge, understanding and practical application to daily life on each topic. ​The couple then reads over the lesson and discusses it together. Finally, at the meeting the topic is delved into, problems brought into the light, and plans made for the future.

What a delightful time these sessions are as young couples commit themselves to doing marriage God’s way!

Here are the 17 Topics/Chapters: 

  • Relationship with Jesus
  • Spiritual Intimacy
  • Communication
  • Handling Conflict
  • Leadership/Submission
  • Husband as Provide
  • Husband as Protector
  • Wife Building/Managing Her Home
  • Time Management
  • Keeping Love Alive
  • Finances
  • Planning Your Wedding
  • Relating with Parents & In-Laws
  • Raising Children
  • Called to Minister Together
  • Family Traditions
  • Hospitality
  • Sexual Love Relationship
  • Keeping Love Alive


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