45 Presidents of the USA Notebooking Pages


Do you want your children to learn more about American Presidents this year?

Research and Record your findings in your Presidential Notebook with 45 Presidents of the USA Notebooking Pages. Notebooking is a great way to learn and remember new information, facts, and ideas. There will be so much information at your fingertips when you finish each page.

45 Presidents of the USA Notebooking Pages has a photograph of each President, a map to color in his home state, and places to record your data from your research on each of these amazing men! On each page, you will find his name, presidential number, and photo. In addition, there are questions about him that you can read books and investigate online to find the answers.


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American Presidents are an incredible group of man from differing backgrounds and a variety of political views. Some, like George Washington, led the nation in a time where everything was changing. Others, like Abraham Lincoln and George W. Bush, held the nation together through dark times. President Andrew Jackson was the only President to eradicate the national debt—that’s impressive! President Teddy Roosevelt preserved federal lands as parks so that future generations could enjoy nature and hunting.

In your research, you can discover which President was also a Pastor and which President got married in the White House. You’ll discover that one President went on to lead the Supreme Court, while another served out his life as a Congressman in the House of Representatives.

You will be impressed, amazed, saddened, and bewildered as you learn more about the lives of these amazing men.

In 45 Presidents of the USA Notebooking Pages, students research to learn more about these men that have changed history and served in one of the most important positions of power in the world. Presidents of the United States not only serve Americans, but interact with other leaders around the world, lead the armed services, and protect the freedoms we enjoy by defending the United States Constitution.

It’s so fun to research and record what you learn!


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