Meredith Curtis

Hi everyone! I’m Meredith Curtis, pastor’s wife and homeschooling mom of 5 amazing children. In 2017, I became “Grand-Merey” and my little grandchildren’s visits are the highlight of my life.

I’m surrounded by a warm loving family that fills our home with love and laughter. We have lived a lifestyle of learning with a focus on living books and classic literature. You will find all of us in the middle of a good book, or maybe several at a time.

Marrying my college sweetheart has meant a lifetime of ministry focused on God’s  Word, prayer, worship, relationships, and making disciples. I lead worship and oversee the women’s ministry at our church. That sounds so clinical. The truth is I love my church family–they are truly my closest friends and extended family especially now that my sister and I are the oldest generation in our family. I love to teach the Word and see lives transformed by the power of Jesus Christ. He is the sole reason I live with joy! He has been so good to me and I am so grateful.

I never dreamed that my daughters and their husbands would serve the Lord with us in ministry. It is my highest privilege to serve at their side. I respect them so much!

Though my five children have all graduated from homeschooling and the last one is finishing up college, I am still involved in serving homeschooling families through writing, speaking, leading a homeschool co-op, creating curriculum, designing Bible study guides, and motivating homeschooling parents and grandparents. I love homeschooling! It’s such an awesome way to educate children and build a close relationship with them at the same time. I’m so grateful that all of my children love Jesus! The highest priority in educating my children at home has been to pass the baton of faith in a way that they will pass it to their children who will pass it to their children. I’m grateful for the privilege of homeschooling. It’s so fun right now to see my grandchildren being homeschooled by their brilliant and gentle Momma.

Traveling and history are two of my favorite things and you will see evidence of that in all of our products. I love to write, speak, create, sing, lead worship, mentor women, and visit with folks. It is a privilege to do all that I do and I’m so grateful the Lord has opened doors for me. He is so good!

Like yours, my life has been filled with joys, sorrows, challenges, and impossible situations. I’m grateful for the Lord because He never leaves my side. I can’t imagine life without Jesus. He is my Rock, Teacher, Father, Shepherd, King, and Song. I look forward to the day when I see Him face to face. Until then, I am running the race! Will you join me?

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