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Real Men Build Bible Study calls men to action, to follow Jesus and put HIS plan into practice, building HIS church and making disciples. Jesus’ plan involves proclaiming Christ and building His Church. In the dark time we live in, the world and the church are filled with damaged people. Learn to love, lead, counsel, teach, teach, mentor, administrate, manage, and build in a way that will change lives forever.

Real Men Build Bible Study, written for men of all ages, has 25 lessons about leadership, relationships, evangelism, mentoring, parenting, and ministry. It would be a great Bible study for a father to go through with his older teenage son.


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Men, Do You Want to Change the World for the Glory of God by investing in people?

Jesus Christ has called men to rise up and lead this generation! Will you sit back and let the task lay unfinished or will you rise up and take this world for Christ?

Lives are changed in the context of relationships. Learn to build relationships that are healthy, peaceful, and productive. Your life can make a difference. Be a world changer! Raise up more world changers!

Here are the 25 Lessons in Real Me Build Bible Study:

  1. The Great Commission
  2. Build My Church
  3. Jesus’ Prayer
  4. Jesus Builds His Foundation
  5. Real Men Lead
  6. I am a Servant
  7. His Blueprint:  Vision & Power
  8. A Servant’s Building Tools
  9. The Life of Peter
  10. Manifestation Gifts from the Holy Spirit
  11. Motivational and Placement Ministry Gifts
  12. Authority: Gift from Jesus
  13. Speaking Truth in Love with Wisdom
  14. Build with Love
  15. Hospitality
  16. Five Part Process of Discipleship
  17. Proclaiming Jesus and the Good News
  18. Evangelistic Lifestyle
  19. Rebirth & Promoting Father/Infant Bonding
  20. Mentoring
  21. Pastoral Care
  22. Fatherhood I
  23. Fatherhood II
  24. Leadership
  25. Training Him to Train others

Here are some helpful building tools in this Bible Study Workbook:

  • List of Orthodox Christian beliefs
  • Opportunities to serve in local church list
  • Freedom from Sin: Repent, Renounce, Restitution,
  • Repair, Receive, Reject!
  • How the Bible Came to Us
  • Biblical Principles:  Delegating, Family Management,
  • Circles of commitment, Testing, Discipleship
  • Motivational Gift survey
  • Five-fold Ministry
  • When to get help in your ministry from authority
  • Head/Hands/Heart chart
  • Teaching during Five fold process of mentoring
  • Encouraging, Exhorting, Rebuking, Advice & Comfort
  • Church Family Responsibilities
  • Ways to Show Hospitality in Church
  • How to Grill
  • EZ recipes
  • How to Prepare and Lead a Bible Study
  • Sample Bible studies
  • Gospel Outlines
  • Personal Testimony worksheet
  • Breaking soul ties
  • Freedom from Strongholds
  • Crisis counseling
  • Statement of Faith
  • Nicene Creed
  • Apostles Creed
  • Theological Terms
  • Small Group Dynamics
  • Ingredients of a Small Group
  • How to Counsel
  • Meals, Showers, Moving
  • Priorities Worksheet
  • Time & Money charts


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