Merey’s Curriculum Review: Activity Pak: The New Testament from Home School in the Woods
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Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

I’m always excited to review homeschool resources from Home School in the Woods. Activity Pak: The New Testament is an amazing resource to supplement Bible study and Ancient History courses. We used it to spend some fun, but Bible-centered time with our grandkids.

My husband and I are doing one activity a week when we watch our children one night a week so their parents can go on a date. The grandkids loved the projects! I’m not sure which was their favorite: Paul’s Mailbox with Letters or the Fruit of the Spirit basket.

My daughter is a second-generation homeschool mom with her hands full with four children including a new baby. We wanted to bless the kids with a hands-on project that was fun and creative, but had a purpose.

Our Experience with Activity Pak: The New Testament

Pastor Grandpa shared with the kids about Paul’s missionary journeys and showed them the four maps. It was so easy to connect the dots. But their favorite part was the mailbox with all Paul’s letters. It was so fun to see it open and close and it really drove home the fact that those books of the Bible were letters from Paul to the beloved churches he cared for.

The fruit of the Spirit basket was another fun night. We started with coloring the fruit, labeling it and making the basket. Then we played “Fruit of the Spirit Charades” where we all took turns acting out love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control. The kids loved playing charades and we ended up discussing the fruit of the Spirit more after the game spontaneously.

What We Learned from Activity Pak: The New Testament

All the activities were fun to put together and drove home an important point of the Bible principle or lesson.

I think the spiritual warfare activity was the most helpful for the children because let’s face it – spiritual warfare is hard to explain to a child. While we colored we talked and role-played afterward to “get it.”

How Activity Pak: The New Testament Fits into a Homeschool Day

I would choose a topic and craft for each week. You can do the lesson and coloring during the week and on the last day review and put everything together.

We are completing all the activities before we put together the lapbook.

What We Liked about Activity Pak: The New Testament

We loved the beautiful art work of the pictures we colored and cut out. They were so nice!

We also loved the creativity – the mailbox that opened and shut and the fruit that was able to slip into the basket.

My younger grandchildren really like the gluing!

Who Will Enjoy Activity Pak: The New Testament

From preschool to high school to parents–everyone will enjoy this Activity Pak: New Testament. It’s fun and creative, but the artwork is definitely not too childish for any age.

More about Home School in the Woods

Homeschool in the Woods is a family-owned business that began their homeschool journey in 1996. They create figures that are classic and realistic publishing their first set of timeline figures in 2002 when Home School in the Woods was born. They believe most people are visual and it is a blessing to see the Lord’s story unveil throughout time, weaving an awesome tapestry that is thick with His presence and unending mercy, patience, and love for His creation! They are truly an awesome company!

Learn more about Home School in the Woods on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

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I highly recommend Home School in the Woods. They bring the fun and wonder back into learning!

Until next time, Happy Homeschooling!

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