The Reformation’s 5 Solas
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October 31st is Reformation Day. This time of year is a great time to celebrate God’s Super-Heroes and the rediscovery of biblical truths like faith alone and grace alone. We live by faith! We are saved by grace! There is so much to celebrate on Reformation Day!

On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the Whittenberg Door. He was protesting some of the things church leaders were doing in his day like selling forgiveness (indulgences) and elevating human traditions above the Word of God. 

Martin Luther’s Personal Discovery

During his lifetime, Martin Luther tried desperately to do enough to be right with God. He struggled with guilt and agonized over his standing before God. One day, while studying the Scriptures, he came across this phrase: “The Just Shall Live By Faith.” It changed his life! He realized that Christ had done it all! He just had to receive grace and forgiveness! Wow! 

Once he understood this truth, he just had to speak out!

Europe’s Need for Revival

You see, the Roman Catholic Church was in a terrible state. It’s hard for us to imagine because the Roman Catholic Church today is not in the same place. In those days, men could buy an office in the church so many non-Christians were in important posts. But even then, many godly men and women were serving in the church as priests, abbots, nuns, and monks. Their hearts were grieved. 

The Reformers (Wycliffe, Huss, Luther, Calvin, Tyndale) were all members of the Roman Catholic Church. They did not want to leave it; they wanted mess cleaned up. Unfortunately, the clean-up did not come in time and now we have many denominations today. 

However, we can look back to the Reformation and be grateful for the return to biblical teaching on Salvation, Grace, Faith, and the Authority of Scripture. The Reformation brought us the Five Solas that the church had meandered away from.

5 Solas

Sola is Latin for “only” or “alone”. Here are the Five Solas: Sola Scriptura, Sola Fide, Sola Gratia, Sola Christus, Sola Deo Gloria.

Sola Scriptura: The Bible alone is our highest authority. Everything must be tested with Scripture.

Sola Fide: We are saved through faith alone in Jesus Christ. 

Sola Gratia: We are saved by the grace of God alone.

Sola Christus: Jesus Christ alone is our Lord, Savior, and King. 

Sola Deo Gloria: We live for the glory of God alone. 

Scripture Alone. Faith Alone. Grace Alone. Jesus Christ Alone. All to the Glory of God Alone! These things are the heritage of the Reformation and are need just as much now as they were back then. 

Look around at the world. It is lost, living in danger of the wages of sin in this life and the next. They need to hear about the finished work of Christ on the cross. He alone can set them free and lavish them with His love and grace. Only Jesus came to seek and save the lost. Let’s point the world to Him!

Are you looking for resources to celebrate Reformation Day?

At this time of year, our family celebrates with a Heroes for Jesus Party. 

There are so many heroes to celebrate! I love teaching my children about heroes and heroines who are sold out for Jesus and have been used to change the world. 

Celebrate Our Christian Heroes

We want to pass down our Christian heritage to our children. We love to tell their stories to the next generation by reading aloud biographies, watching movies, or throwing a Heroes for Jesus Party.

You can host your own Heroes for Jesus Party with easy instructions from Celebrate Our Christian Superheroes where you can discover how our family celebrates Christian heroes, some great ideas for Halloween alternatives, and why children and teens need super-heroes.

Finally, we include autumn recipes to serve during or after the party. Enjoy! Purchase Celebrate Our Christian Superheroes eBook at PowerlineProd. Purchase Celebrate Our Christian Superheroes  in print at Amazon.

Reformation heroes are just a few of the many Super-Heroes God has used to change the world. God has a plan for you, too, and your family! Inspire them with Christian heroes!

Another resource I really like from Thinking Kids Press is The Five Solas: Signs to Follow on the Narrow Path. This family Bible study will help you explore Scripture in an engaging manner with seven days of family study. Each day includes:

  • An overview of a Sola or Scriptural concept
  • A Bible passage to study with discussion questions
  • Additional passages to read to better understand the intent of each Sola
  • A structured notebooking page
  • A family activity
  • A craft

Whatever way you choose, I hope your family will stop a minute and consider the Reformation and remember the truths, taught in Scripture, that were brought to the forefront.

Happy Reformation Day! And until next time, Happy Homeschooling!


Meredith Curtis

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