The Making of Real Men Discipleship Manual


The young men of this generation are caught in the crosshairs of an enemy that wants to destroy them, neutralize them, or at least take them off the front lines of battle. They desperately need our help: fathers discipling sons and older men mentoring younger men. But this mission is challenging, even intimidating. How can we accomplish it?

The Making of Real Men, A Discipleship Manual is the result of years of in-the-trenches, intensive mentoring of the next generation. Pastor Mike created these Bible studies for his son, Jimmy. Many Dads want to mentor their sons, but they don’t know where to start. Here’s your answer. You will see your son mature as he puts these principles into practice in his life with Dad’s help.


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Fathers, Do You Want to Raise Real Men?

Our Society has lost its ‘local vertical’! Maleness is viewed as an undesirable trait, a genetic mutation. Truth has been bent, twisted, and distorted beyond recognition, shaped into what we want it to be. Many have sought to blur the line between men and women, masculine and feminine. They hold in their hands Jack Sparrow’s broken moral compass, leading them where their hearts desire.

Growth in areas such as working hard, freedom from lust, overcoming insecurities, being filled with integrity, pursuing God with a passion, building godly friendships, and walking in one’s divine destiny are necessary steps to becoming real men who stand against the tide of a feminizing culture and change this world by the power of God’s truth and a transformed life. Together we can rescue this generation one discipling relationship at a time.

Each chapter covers truth that will transform your heart and life.

Fathers & Sons or older Men mentoring younger men will need to meet once a week. Each will need a book and complete assignments before they get together.

  • ​Chapter 1: Real Men are Passionate for God
  • Chapter 2: Real Men Find Their Significance & Masculinity in Christ
  • Chapter 3: Real Men are Full of Integrity
  • ​Chapter 4: Real Men Walk in Freedom
  • Chapter 5: Real Men NEVER Give Up in Battle
  • ​Chapter 6: Real Men Work Hard
  • Chapter 7: Real Men Love & Serve Others
  • ​Chapter 8:  Real Men are Humble and Praise Others
  • Chapter 9: Real Men Build Strong Godly Friendships
  • Chapter 10: Real Men are Driven by a Sense of Divine Destiny
  • Epilogue: The Sword Ceremony


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