God’s Girls Brand New Life Bible Study


You have just given your heart to Christ. That’s amazing! I’m so happy for you!

What’s next? Well, I’m glad you asked. It’s time to grow and let Jesus change you, becoming the woman of God you are called to be. God’s Girls Brand New Life Bible Study answers the questions: What Does it Mean to be a Christian? What is Our Inheritance in Christ? How Should We Live to Honor Jesus?

God’s Girls Brand New Life Bible Study explores the treasure, the glorious life of a Christian. I wish every new believer could go through my daughter’s Bible study–it is so honest and helpful. Like all of our God’s Girls Bible studies, you will meet other young women who share their thoughts, hopes, and dreams, as you study the Word together.


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Come along on a journey through the Bible with God’s Girls where you explore your new life in Christ. Katie-Beth starts with the Glorious Gospel that moves us from one kingdom to His Amazing Kingdom. You will discover what Jesus has done for you on the cross and through his spectacular resurrection. Of course, you’ll want to grow closer to Him and fulfill His Call on your life. With practical wisdom, real-life stories, and life-changing principles straight from God’s Word, you will embark on the greatest adventure of your life—loving Jesus!

​Whether you are a new believer or you have been serving Jesus for decades, this Bible study will encourage, inspire, and equip you to live a Christ-centered, joy-filled, victorious life!

Each chapter in this Bible study covers truths that will transform your heart and life.

  • Lesson #1: Welcome To A Brand New Life
  • Lesson #2: You’re Saved By The Gospel: What is the Good News?
  • Lesson #3: You’re Saved By The Gospel: Your Response To The Good News
  • Lesson #4: You’re The Daughter Of The Perfect Daddy
  • ​Lesson #5: You’re Part Of A New Family
  • ​Lesson #6: You Walk In Victory Over Sin
  • Lesson #7: You Stand Firm Through The Word Of God
  • ​Lesson #8: You Worship Intimately
  • ​Lesson #9: You Can Move Mountains In Prayer
  • Lesson #10: You Give It All For His Kingdom
  • ​Lesson #11:  You Have A Special Role In God’s Kingdom


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