Let’s Have Our Own Ancient Greek Olympic Games


What could be more fun than competing with other families, or friends, while you reenact Classical Greece with competitions, prizes, and fun? You might want to name your teams after Greek city-states like we did. The Ancient Greek city-states were always fighting one another, but every four years, a truce was declared. Greek men gathered at Mt. Olympia to participate in athletic events, competing against one another. Our modern Olympic Games are modeled after these ancient ones.

One way to make your study of Ancient Greece come alive is to set up your own Olympic competition. That’s what we did and we had a blast! We had all kinds of athletic events with all of our city-states (families) competing. What a fun day! Of course, we dedicated our event to the Lord instead of the Greek idol/gods. This book will make it easy for you and your family to hold your own Ancient Greek Olympic Games–we made the planning process simple. What a fun way to learn history!


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Learn History the Fun Way–with Ancient Greek Olympic Games.

Does the thought of setting up and running Olympic Games sound like fun, but you don’t know where to start?

​Don’t worry about a thing. Laura & Meredith have enjoyed Ancient Greek Olympic Games with their own children and homeschool co-op. They will walk you step-by-step through the process of planning and hosting your own historical event.

​This book contains information on the original Olympic Games held at Mount Olympia near Elis, including information on the different events. Merey and Laura give you suggestions for serious competitive events, as well as not-so-serious events that will have everyone laughing. The planning process is broken down to sizeable portions with a suggestion on how to set up a field.

​This will make a great addition to your study of Ancient History, or a great finale to a related unit study.

Here are the chapters in Let’s Have Our Own Ancient Greek Olympic Games:

  • Our Olympic Games
  • ​The Ancient Olympic Games
  • ​Let’s Plan the Games
  • ​Set Up the Field
  • ​The Itinerary
  • Resources for Studying Ancient Greece
  • Teach History the Fun Way!


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