Drama 101: Act It Out!


We serve a Creative God. Made in His image, we love to watch drama unfold in movies, read it in books, and listen to exciting narratives from friends.

When our kids wanted to take drama, Laura and I created this course. It is simple enough for any mom to use and much more fun if you get together with a couple of other families, you’ll have a bigger group of kids. We used it in a high school homeschool co-op and everyone had a blast! Don’t worry if you have no background in drama–Drama 101: Act It Out! is easy-peasy. Created for middle and high school students, it is a one-credit high school elective.


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Unleash Your Dramatic Side and have fun!

Each class starts out with a warm-up. Many of these warm-up games are Improv. There is always so much laughing and silliness during the warm-ups.

We start the year out learning about the stage, how to take stage directions, and who’s who in the theater. Next, we do some fun acting out short skits and use masks to act out fables. Of course, there has to be a Christmas play and you can choose any one you want to, depending on the abilities of your kids and where you will be performing the play. We performed our Christmas play at church. We have links to several sites that offer free scripts, including the one where we downloaded ours. We adapted our play a little bit, joining with the Christmas choir who sang between acts.

January and February are spent writing a radio show script and recording it. Of course, first we have to listen to an excellent audio drama so students get an idea of what to create. The rest of the year is spent working on YouTube videos like a testimony, movie or book trailer, or comedy skit. Your kids probably already have uploaded videos on YouTube so it will be a fun way to end the year.

Drama 101: Act it Out! explores acting with a variety of experiences.

You will …

  • Learn Who’s Who in the Theater
  • Learn to Block
  • Act using Masks
  • Use Stage Make-Up
  • Practice & Perform a Christmas Play
  • Write & Create a Radio Show
  • Create YouTube Videos

Laura and I had a blast teaching this course and we hope you will have fun, too! After all, who doesn’t love the spotlight?


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