Learn about the Byzantine Empire with a Cookie Mosaic
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It all started with the Byzantine Empire. I was teaching a class online. I wanted to make a mosaic with the children. Each of us working on our own mosaic right on Zoom. After all the religious Byzantines are famous for their beautiful mosaics of scenes from Scripture inside their gorgeous churches. 

Everything I found involved some kind of plaster and since I wouldn’t be responsible for the disposal of that plaster I was worried someone would pour it down the drain and ruin their pipes. 

After much brainstorming, I came up with the idea of a big sugar cookie. The frosting on top could be the plaster and M&Ms would substitute for the shiny pieces of glass they used back in the day. 

It was a hit! After all, who doesn’t like sugar?

Step #1: Bake a Cookie (it doesn’t have to be as big as my cookie – I needed it easy to see online).

Step #2 Frost the Cookie (Plaster).

Step #3 Outline Your Shape with a Butter Knife. 

Step #4 Outline Your Shape with M&Ms.

Step #5 Begin Filling Your Shape.

Step #6 Complete the Filling of Your Shape.

We also watched a video on creating mosaics the Byzantine way. The kids enjoyed the video and I learned a lot watching it: https://youtu.be/fvX1vorZgF4 

History, Art, and Dessert in one! 

Until next time, Happy Homeschooling!
Meredith Curtis

Tell the world what you have found here!

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