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Over the years of homeschooling, we have discovered all kinds of products, maps, and books that have enriched our world geography studies. We have gathered our favorites and created our own collection of excellent and inspiring geography resources.

Geography is one of our favorite subjects! We love to explore the world and learn all about other places in the world and how people live there. 

We enjoy songs that help us memorize geography facts and games that help us remember country names and capitals. 

We have enjoyed living textbooks and created our own curriculum piece by piece with living books, mapping, researching, missionary studies, and unit study fun. 

We love living books and literature set in beautiful places. We love to go on adventures through the pages of a book. 

We have enjoyed cooking and baking from around the world. Unit studies have been a blast, too! 

Finally, we love to read and research so we can learn more about other places. 

Here are some of our very favorite geography resources. We hope you will enjoy them, too. 

A Child’s Geography

This geography curriculum series is delightful. The first 2 volumes were written by Ann Voskamp and the rest are written by Terri Johnson. Both of these Christians authors are gentle writers that bring their readers on a voyage to exciting places and sights around the world. Some of the different volumes include: A Child’s Geography: Explore His EarthA Child’s Geography: Explore the Holy Land, and A Child’s Geography: Explore Medieval Kingdoms.

Lovely book and great intro to Geography. Purchase at Amazon! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
Lovely book exploring the Holy Land! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Purchase at Amazon.
Love studying the geography of the Middle Ages! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Purchase at Amazon.

Seterra Free Online Quiz Game

This game is free to play online. It’s easy and fun. My kids loved it! I always play it before I start teaching a year of geography. It’s a great refresher and fun way to learn all the countries of the world. You can play Seterra here

Seterra Online Game! It’s FREE!

Geography Songs

This is harder to find nowadays, but I did find it on Amazon. You can purchase Geography Songs Audio on CD and Geography Songs DVD. Both have catchy tunes that children will love singing along to. 

Wall Map Set

These maps are bright and cheery! Your kids will love the cute illustrations and the happy colors. This Wall Map Set is laminated and perfect for your homeschool room. Purchase at Amazon!

Travel God’s World Geography

Travel God’s World Geography, is a middle school (5th -8th) geography curriculum we created over the years, combines conversational text with unit study fun, mapping, crafts, living books, and research projects. Children will have a blast making their passport and traveling around the world continent to continent while they  explore landforms, cultures, missionaries, natural resources, businesses, transportation, and more!  Purchase Travel God’s World Geography in print at Amazon.

Child’s Illuminated Globe

I love bright cheery colors and this globe is perfect for me and for children! You will love this globe and your children will love looking for places all over the world. Purchase at Amazon.

Travel God’s World Cookbook

Travel God’s World Cookbook takes families from continent to continent, too, but this time everyone gets to explore different countries and their famous sights, flags, and delicious recipes. You will love learning geography in your kitchen.  For the print cookbook, purchase Travel God’s World Cookbook at Amazon.

Travel God's World Cookbook by Meredith Curtis

Travel to London Unit Study

You can join our family on a trip to London, England where we explore the sights, learn history, craft, listen to music, enjoy art, read aloud, bake, and cook our way to learning fun! Travel to London Unit Study is a blast for all ages!  You can also purchase Travel to London Unit Study in print at Amazon.

Travel to London Unit Study by Meredith Curtis

Know Geography World Atlas

I always keep an up-to-date Atlas in my house because they come in so handy for research and mapping. This Atlas is perfect for older elementary and middle school! The pictures and maps are beautiful. The book is easy to use. I real like Rand McNally Maps and atlases. There are several more! Purchase Know Geography World Atlas at Amazon.

Travel the World Country Report Lapbook

Travel the World Country Report Lapbook is a research project for older elementary and middle school kids that culminates in creating a keepsake lapbook they can share with loved ones! Choose a country, read, research, and put together a lapbook. Everyone can work on a different country or the family can work together. 

Travel the World Country Report Lapbook by Meredith Curtis and Laura Nolette

There you have it! Our favorite resources! Enjoy! Until next time, Happy Homeschooling!


Meredith Curtis

Tell the world what you have found here!

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