Fight the Coronavirus Lockdown Blues with Virtual Farm Tours
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Are you tired of being at home, not able to go anywhere except to the grocery store or walks around the block?

Me, too.

I’m used to homeschool co-op, field trips, and hanging out with friends from church. I’m lonely. However, I discovered a bunch of virtual field trips that make homeschooling fun!

One thing I really love is farms! Would you like to discover a bunch of different virtual farm tours? Well, come on! Let’s go!

Chase away the Covid-19 Blues by exploring new places online! Ready for some virtual farm tours?

Virtual Dairy Farm Tours

I loved touring dairy farms as a kid and taking my children to them when they were little. Who doesn’t love cows?

The American Dairy Association offers 3 tours for children and teens. You can watch them on YouTube. The Dutch Hallow Farm Tour is perfect for children ages 4-9. Will-O-Crest Farm Tour is perfect for kids aged 10-13. Teens will enjoy Jo Bo Holsteins Farm Tour.

Dutch Hallow Farm Tour for children ages 4-9.
Will-O-Crest Farm Tour for ages 10-13
Jo Bo Holtein Farm Tour, Gettysburg, PA

Michigan Dairy Farm Virtual Tour

Here’s another dairy field trip. This dairy field trip is for young children up to 2nd grade. Visit a Michigan Dairy Farm online on YouTube.

Canadian Farm & Food Tours

You can immerse yourself in Canadian farms and processing tours. This pages has 11 super-cool 360 degree tours. This page links you to all kinds of 360 degrees tours on YouTube. Visit the Canadian Farm & Food Tours webpage to see:

Here’s an example. Press on this picture which takes you to this page: which contains links to several virtual tours of pig farms on YouTube.

Ronald Reagan’s Ranch Tour

President Ronald Reagan had a ranch where he loved to get away from it all to ride horses, bale hay, and clean out the stables. You can tour President Ronald Reagan’s Ranch online with 360 degree panorama tours, photos, and YouTube videos. You can visit the entrance, grounds, ranch home inside, and outside of house.

Pennsylvania Beef Virtual Farm Field Trips

Would you like to visit beef cattle and the fields and barns where they live. These videos were produced for middle and high school students, but all ages will enjoy the tours. Learn about what farmers do to take care of their cattle each day. There are 3 tours: Pennsylvania Feed Lot, Pennsylvania Beef Marketing, and East (PA) vs. West (CO) Beef Production.

Kansas Farm Food Connection

This website is a collection of different farmers and their farms and stories. You will meet all kinds of families and visit all kinds of farms. There is so much to explore at Meet the Farmers! I loved reading about the different farm families!

A Kansas Farm 🙂 🙂

I hope you enjoy exploring all kinds of farms across America!

Until next time, Happy Homeschooling!

Meredith Curtis

Tell the world what you have found here!

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