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It’s that time of year to purchase next year’s curriculum! At Powerline Productions, we like to bless our customers–after all, we’re homeschooling families, too. We’re giving you 45% off EVERYTHING in our store. Grab curriculum, unit studies, high school courses, Bible studies, and homeschool resources at

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Do you have any questions about Powerline Productions? Let us answer them for you!

What is Your Philosophy of Education/Worldview?

We embrace a lifestyle of adventure in our house, ready to discover and explore! Our curriculum is Christ-centered, Charlotte Mason-inspired, and packed with unit study fun.

We believe the Bible is true so we teach from a Christian worldview. We love exploring the world around us. Our curriculum is filled with living books of all kinds—great works, historical fiction, classic literature, and easy-to-understand non-fiction. We believe that children remember what they learn better if they get their hands messy crafting, creating, mapping, and experimenting.

Finally, we teach in a practical way so that our children can apply what they learn in real-life situations today and in the future.

What Do You Provide for Homeschooling Families?

We have a blog to encourage and inspire homeschool families: Homeschool Joy at

Our podcast Finish Well is for homeschooling parents and teens covering a variety of topics from history to conflict resolution. Visit us at Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network: Finish Well.

Where is Your Store?

Our store is online at We provide homeschool resources for Christian homeschooling families.

Check out our series:

  • Teach History the Fun Way
  • !-Credit High School Courses
  • HIS Story of the 20th Century
  • Travel God’s World
  • Christmas Unit Studies
  • Real Men
  • God’s Girls
  • How-To-Homeschool

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God’s Girls Courses & Bible Studies HERE
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Unit Studies & Other Holiday Resources HERE
PLP Ad How to Homeschool blog
How-to-Homeschool Books HERE

We’re excited to bless you this new school year! Have an amazing year and don’t forget to shop at

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Tell the world what you have found here!

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