7 Secrets to Help You Save Big on Homeschool Curriculum
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We all want to save money on curriculum! Yet, we want to give the best to our children.

You can do both!

Learn how today!

Plan Ahead

The further you plan ahead, the more opportunity you will have to take advantage of money-saving opportunities.

I like to think 1-3 years ahead with curriculum. It doesn’t mean I’m locked in to it, but it does help to keep my eye out for something that is coming ahead.

Explore Curriculum You Like

I keep a notebook of curriculum, homeschool resources, and living books that I’m interested in purchasing. Then I try to see them in person at other homeschooling family’s homes or at homeschool conventions. I like to see and touch.


  • Does it look easy to use?
  • Is the book laid out so it is easy for Mom to check the work?


  • Is it from a Christian worldview?
  • Is it full of content that will expand my children’s knowledge, understanding, and wisdom?
  • Does it call evil “good” and good “evil” or does it line up with biblical standards of right/wrong, good/evil, moral/immoral?


  • Is it attractive to me? To my children?
  • Example: I like bright cheerful colors for young children.


  • Finally, what does it cost? Is it worth the money?
  • And, of course, we are going to try to get it on sale or used or in a bundle. More on that to come!
Here’s an easy way to compare curriculum! 🙂 🙂

E-book or Print Version?

As a publisher, I publish most of my books, curricula, and Bible studies in print and E-book format. It’s just smart because each family is unique in what they need and want.

However, some things (like lapbooks) I only sell as E-books.

Families don’t need to print the directions to put the lapbook together; they can just read it on their electronic device, but each family member will need to print the booklet pages so it’s just easier to have an E-book to print from. It’s not always easy to make copies from a print book. 

Some things are easier for your family in the print format and others in E-book. If you only have to print a few pages, an E-book can be smart, but sometimes the print book is cheaper than you purchasing the E-book and printing everything.

I love the choice!

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Use Freebies to Explore Curriculum or a Publisher

Speaking of E-books, when it’s time to explore curriculum, I keep my eyes out for publishers who give away freebies. You can get a feel for a publisher from their freebies and samples.

Check out and download one of my freebies, Sightsee in South America at TeachersPayTeachers.

Many writers and publishers offer free newsletters that have monthly freebies.

My company, Powerline Productions offers a monthly freebie for subscribers. You can sign up here

My podcast is hosted on a network, Ultimate Homeschool Podcast. They offers a freebie each month if you sign up for their newsletter. Sign up here

Homeschool Freebie has been around a long time and offers incredible freebies. You have to sign up on their mailing list:

How about your favorite publisher? Are you on their mailing list?

Here are some other places I go to look for Freebies:

Homeschool Giveaways

Homeschool Family Freebies & Giveaways Facebook Group

Homeschool Deals & Freebies Facebook Group

Thrifty Homeschoolers Facebook Group

Thrifty Homeschool Facebook Group

Don’t forget you are gathering information to decide what curriculum to use with your children. Jot notes down in your curriculum planning notebook or file  

Try to narrow down what you are looking for as you learn more about curriculum and publishers.  

Watch for Sales from Your Favorite Publisher

Once you know what you are looking for, watch for sales.

I decided I wanted Rosetta Stone to teach Spanish to Shine, but I had a problem. It was way out of my price range. The company ended up having a huge sale out of the blue and since I had been saving for it at full price, I was able to purchase it at about one-third of the regular price.

Alpha Omega has an annual April sale every April. I would stock up on living books and any lifepacs I needed in April. Of course, that meant I needed to know what I would need for the coming year.

I really appreciated all the living books published by YWAM, especially the Heroes of the Faith series and the Reel Kids Adventure series. I accumulated many of these books little by little when YWAM Publisher would have a sale.

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Used Curriculum Sales

Used curriculum sales are such a blessing!

Make a list of what you are looking for and keep your eyes out for bargains. I have acquired some very expensive curriculum that is hardly worn at these sales.

Bundle Sales

Bundle sales are another amazing way to acquire very expensive curriculum very cheap! It’s amazing! You can get a collection of high school curriculum valued at hundreds of dollars for 85-90% off the price. I love to stock up on E-books this way!

Another one of my favorite bundle sales is Build Your Bundle. I have been shopping there for years each May when they have their annual sale! Hundreds of different curricula is bundled up with one another at HUGE savings. This is something I look forward to every May! My favorite part of the sale is the Make-Your-Own-Bundle—then I can get everything I want together!

Let me know in the comments below if you have any advice or experiences saving money on curriculum! I’d love to hear your stories.

Until next time, Happy Homeschooling!


Meredith Curtis

Tell the world what you have found here!

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