Legend of the Candy Cane Murder

Meet little Billy who thinks he murdered his mom and meet Billy’s uncle Thad. Or is Thad really his uncle? Maggie is trying to teach her Sunday school class about the very first candy cane when the adventure begins.

You see, it’s Christmas time and the homeschool co-op is putting on the church Christmas play this year with Maggie helping her friend Sophia direct the extravaganza. First, she has to head south for her grandmother’s 100th birthday. Even there, the adventure continues when Maggie meets a beautiful model who has been swindled by the prime suspect. Can she fit the pieces together and untangle Billy’s past?

Join with pastor’s wife and homeschooling mom, Maggie King and her family and friends as they match wits with the murderer who is out to ruin everybody’s Christmas in Legend of the Candy Cane Murder, a Maggie King Mystery. ​

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Do you like a good Christmas cozy mystery?

You’ll love this Christian cozy that includes Christmas candy canes, picture books, plays, parties, baking, celebrations … and murder!

Meet homeschool mom and amateur sleuth, Maggie King. Maggie stays busy educating her children at home and leading a homeschool co-op with her friend Sophia. She is also married to the pastor! Isn’t it hard enough to find time to grade spelling tests and fix dinner? How does she find the time to go on one adventure after another?

Maggie King and her husband, Pastor Matt have seven children: Joel, Bethany, Steve, Sheree, Amy, Stephanie, and Jordan. Along with her friends, Sophia and Mary-Kate, Maggie is often hot on the trail of a murderer. You will enjoy hanging out with wife Maggie King and her family and friends. They are just your typical homeschooling families, except for the fact that they keep stumbling across dead bodies.

Join Maggie, her family, and friends on their adventures in the Maggie King Mysteries series. See if you can uncover the murderer before they do.

If you like Christian cozy mysteries, this is the series for you!

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