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That word just made you smile or cringe if you have children.

Either you have joy in your heart because your children faithfully do their chores, meaning that your work load is lighter so it’s easier to homeschool. 


Well, we shouldn’t really talk about all the negative reminders, jobs that remain undone and bad attitudes. 

If you cringed when you read the word “chores,” I hope this article will encourage  you. Don’t give up! Children can change. You can change how you do chores in your family. 

Ready to Clean!

People often ask how we do chores in our family. This article is just me writing down all the questions I usually am asked and all the answers I usually give. 

How we do things is not the “RIGHT” way, it’s simply what works for us. 

I was discussing Plimoth Plantation by William Bradford in the high school English class I teach at a homeschool co-op. One of the teens remarked, “Wow! Their life was so different. They worked so hard.” Another replied, “Yes, but they seemed so much more thankful about everything than we are.” So started a big discussion and we all concluded that hard work wasn’t necessarily a bad thing and seeking pleasure 40+ hours a week isn’t such a great thing. 

My students confirmed what I have always believed: joyful hard work is a blessing to all involved. God created us to work hard and chores can be a little taste of the blessing of working hard. Yes, doing chores builds character, but they also build confidence, create a sense of satisfaction, and can be fun. 

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Okay, let’s get to the questions. 

Why Do You Have Children Do Chores Every Day?

I have my children do chores everyday because when they grow up they will have to do chores every day. I also want my children to value and enjoy hard work. Chores are a great way for them to learn to work hard. 

My children start making their bed when they are very young. In fact, before breakfast, my children make their bed and straighten their room. 

When children want to help, I let them help. As they get older, I teach them to clean, straighten, dust, vacuum, sweep, mop, fold laundry, and other tasks. 

Chores are an opportunity for children to experience hard work which builds godly character. 

Why Do You Have Your Children Make Their Bed Each Day?

I always had to make my bed, so it just seemed natural that I would have my children make their bed. I love the way a room looks after the bed is made. It makes the whole room look better. 

I also believe it’s a great habit to get into when you are young and continue your whole life through. It is a little thing, but before you even leave your bedroom at the beginning of the day, you have accomplished something tangible. That is great for self-esteem. 

Also, making the bed everyday gives children an appreciation for things being neat and tidy. People thrive in a tidy, relaxed environment more than a rigidly clean or clutter-filled environment. Making their bed every day is a step away from messiness toward neat and tidy. 

I was so excited when I saw this YouTube Video shared on Facebook. Finally! Someone who thinks like me! 

Laundry Day!

When Do Your Children Do Their Daily Chores?

My children do their daily chores of making their bed and straightening their room in the morning before breakfast. They do other chores like taking out the trash, unloading the dishwasher, cleaning up the kitchen, or vacuuming when they are finished their schoolwork. 

I make sure to thank my children for doing their chores and tell them how much I appreciate their hard work. 

Washing dishes 🙂

When Do Your Children Do Their Weekly Chores?

My children do their weekly chores on Saturday mornings until they are finished high school. Once they are in college, their schedules are a little crazy, so they complete their weekly chores whenever they can. 

We are a team and need to be reminded and appreciated for the hard work we all put in. I try to set the pace for thanking and praising my children for hard work well done. 

How Do You Do Laundry at Your House?

On laundry day, everyone brings me their hamper and I sort all the laundry. Then I wash and dry it. When it is finished, we all sort the clean laundry together and each family member folds his own laundry and puts it away. I do my husband’s laundry and anyone else who is too little to do his own folding and putting away. 

I do 24 loads of laundry a week. It often takes me two days. 

I know many people who have everyone do their own laundry, but that ends up increasing our water bill drastically. Doing it together is more cost-efficient. 

Do You Interrupt Studies to Have Children Do Chores They Forgot to Finish?

No. I don’t interrupt my children doing their schoolwork to do a chore. I wait until they finish school. I highly recommend this to other Moms and Dads. 


Well, the interruption doesn’t just take the time to do the chore. It takes most kids a long time to get focused back on the schoolwork they left. It is an inefficient use of time to interrupt children instead of waiting until they finish. 
Don’t forget: chores build character and train children to work hard. They are an indispensable part of a child’s education. 

With that said, children are not our slaves. They should work with us, not for us. Good work deserves lavish praise.

Until next time, Happy Homeschooling!

​Meredith Curtis

Tell the world what you have found here!

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