Inexpensive Decorations To Make Your International/Geography Event Festive!
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If you’re like me, you look for reasons to throw a party. Whether it’s an International Picnic or a Geography Fair, I love to decorate! I also love to do it as inexpensively as possible and make the clean up easy.

Sometimes, we have made our own decorations. Other times we have purchased some festive tableware and decorations. Here are some treasures I’ve found at Amazon that make any international party, dinner or homeschool event festive!

International Flag Tablecover

This disposable plastic tablecloth is bright and cheery, covered in flags. You can purchase this International Flag Tablecover at Amazon.

International Flag Table Roll

Instead of buying several tablecloths, you can buy this roll and cut each tablecloth to fit the tables you have. I love the bright cheerful colors and the flags! Best of all when the party’s over you can throw it away! You can purchase International Flag Table Roll at Amazon.

World Flag Wall Banner

What a perfect backdrop for a geography fair or an International Dinner! You can purchase this World Flag Wall Banner at Amazon.

International Flag Pennant Banner

Use this like streamers to crisscross the ceiling for a festive flair! Flags hanging from the ceiling will make the evening special! You can purchase this International Flag Pennant Banner (82 feet long) at Amazon.

International World Country Flags with Stands

Perfect for centerpieces, these international flags have their own stands. You can purchase these International World Country Flags with Stands at Amazon.

100 Countries Toothpick Flags

Perfect for cupcake toppers or to set next to meatballs at a buffet, these little flags are adorable. You can purchase this set of 100 Countries Toothpick Flags at Amazon.

International World Flags Party Supplies Bundle

This set of plates and napkins keeps with the theme and bright cheery colors. You could also choose a color from the flag set and use plain colored napkins, but I love the flags! You can purchase International World Flags Party Supplies Bundle at Amazon.

World Map Tablecloth

If you host International Dinners or Geography Fairs every year, this might be a good investment. Machine washable with a world map, this tablecloth should last for many years for your geography event. You can purchase this World Map Tablecloth at Amazon.

Vinyl National Flag Map Color Stickers

You can use these flag of the world stickers to decorate luggage, laptops, water bottles, skateboards. I think they make a great party favor for guests at a birthday party or geography fair or International Dinner. You can purchase the Vinyl National Flag Map Color Stickers at Amazon.

Okay, I’ve give you plenty of decorated ideas to get you started. I hope that your world, international, or geography event is a huge success. Have fun and happy planning!

God bless you!

Meredith Curtis

Tell the world what you have found here!

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