How One Young Mom Found Spiritual Refreshment In the Midst of Overwhelming Mommyhood
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I was a young mom with two little ones and Mike was in seminary. Between financial struggles and lack of sleep, I was exhausted and frazzled. 

My friend asked me to babysit for her twice a month for three hours so she could run errands. She would do the same for me. 

​I readily agreed. 

The first week, I watched her children and everyone played together nicely. Soon, it was my turn. I made a list of my errands and then I stopped and tore up the list. 

Why I Needed Refreshing

You see, I was struggling. Whenever I prayed and read the Bible, little ones were pulling at me, needing me, wanted to nurse. I hid Bibles everywhere, but I never had uninterrupted time with the Lord. 

I was hungry. I was thirsty. I needed time with God. 

And so began my twice a month adventure with the Lord. 

My Fears

I had never spend that much time alone with Jesus.

What would I do?

Would I get bored of praying or reading the Bible?

Where would I go?

Where I Went

The next week, I packed up my Bible and drove to my husband’s seminary. There was a picnic area with a nearby field that was deserted most of the time. 

I tossed my purse under the car seat, slid my keys into my pocket, and grabbed my Bible. Settling down at the picnic table, I started with a psalm of thanks. Soon I was singing worship songs. Then I spend time in Philippians, enjoyed every verse, thinking it through, and applying it to my life. My tank was filling up. 

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Pouring My Heart Out to God

Then I left my Bible on the picnic table, and walked around the field. It was a good half hour walk. I poured my heart out to the Lord about my inner life, my children, my marriage, my ministry at church, our finances. I was able to lay every burden at the feet of Jesus and lift up every concern. Once that was over, I was able to pray over my family and friends, not just for current needs, but for a lifetime of blessing. 

Before I knew it, two hours and fifteen minutes had passed. It was time to go home. I hadn’t been bored. I had spent time with my Creator that I desperately needed to love my husband and little ones. 

Those bimonthly meetings with Jesus became my lifeline during those early years of motherhood and I look back at those memories I made with Jesus with such fondness and gratitude. God certainly does lead me beside still waters and into green pastures. 

Have you ever set aside extended time to spend with the Lord?

Don’t be afraid to try it. And, please let me know how it goes. 

Have you ever considered spending time with Jesus? His Presence changes us from the inside out! You are His Beloved. 

In His Love, 
​Meredith Curtis 

Tell the world what you have found here!

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