3 Leadership Principles from Saint Valentine
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Was Saint Valentine a Real Person?


Valentine pastored in Rome during the reign of Emperor Claudius II in the third century. He loved to share the Good News about Jesus with anyone who would listen, leading many prominent men and women to Christ.

Unfortunately, becoming a Christian and sharing the Gospel were both capital offenses. 

Emperor Claudius II was a military man who needed more men for his army. Believing that single men made better soldiers, he forbade marriage for young men. 

Pastor Valentine, in violation of the emperor’s law continued to marry young couples because of his convictions against sexual immorality and his desire to honor marriage as a blessing from God. 

After his arrest for proclaiming Christ, Valentine continued to write letters to encourage his congregation. These letters were full of his love and reminders of how much they were loved by Jesus! 

His final letter was signed: “Your Valentine.” 

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We can glean leadership principles from our brother in the Lord, Pastor Valentine!

Leadership Principle #1 Love People

We know that Valentine’s overwhelming love for the Lord overflowed to people. As he abided in Jesus, the fruit of love was evident in his life.

He didn’t just say he loved people; he risked his life to do good for them. He loved with a sacrificial love.

Even in jail, he was filled with love for his flock so he wrote them letters!

Leadership Principle #2 Do the Right Thing No Matter the Cost

Valentine lived in the Roman Empire where they worshipped false gods. They called evil ‘good’ and good ‘evil’. Sin was not only legal but required to be a good citizen.

Valentine stood strong in his generation for the Lord. He refused to compromise. He married young couples in secret, obeying God rather than man. He continued to share the Gospel with anyone who would listen.

Leadership Principle #3 Encourage Others to Love People & Do the Right Thing

Valentine’s love for people drove him to encourage them to love God, love one another, and do the right thing even if it meant risking their lives.

With Heaven as our real home, we just don’t fit in on earth, especially if we live in a pagan society. Valentine knew that so he urged his congregation to be true to the Lord no matter the cost. He reminded them of God’s great love. He taught the Scripture to them, urging them to obey no matter how difficult.

Godly leaders love people and do the right thing no matter the cost. They urge others to do the same.

We need godly leadership in our day. Will you be a godly leader like Valentine? Will you raise godly leaders like Valentine?

Leaders think differently than followers. Yes, they follow leadership themselves, but they think beyond themselves to how their behavior will influence others. They cultivate life skills that aid them in caring for and leading others.

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