Valentines Day Gingerbread House
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“$4. Wow!” I said aloud and quickly looked to see if anyone heard me. I was in Sam’s and saw the gingerbread house we had made at Christmas time for sale at over 25% off. I was so excited I scooped it up.

“Honey, what are you going to do with that?” my husband asked after I had explained what a bargain I had gotten. “Are you saving it for next year?”

“No, we’re making a Valentines Day house!” I quickly replied. And thus, a new tradition was born.

I got everything out just like I was making a Christmas gingerbread house except everything was in Valentine’s Day colors.
Here is a close up of the candy: Twizzlers, M&Ms, life savers, cinnamon candy disks, and hearts with words. I also used frosted animal crackers. They were frosted in pink and white.
This was a fun night planned for my grandsons, but I also included another family whose is very precious to me. We made a memory together.
You can see the varying levels of artistic ability and age as you look at the house, but it blends together perfectly. This is the back of our Valentine’s Day house.
I love seeing all ages working together on a project. No age segregation here!
Here is the front view of the house finished. Notice there are pink and white circus animals in the front yard, but you can walk straight up the cinnamon and M&M walkway to the front door.

Well, there you have it!

I hope you have a lovely St. Valentine’s Day with your beloveds!

Love to all,
Meredith Curtis

Tell the world what you have found here!

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