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The Art of Welcoming People into your life with love and grace is a command, a lifestyle, and a lovely way to live your life.  More than a Bible Study, Welcome Inn is filled with creative ideas, tips, recipes, and planning sheet to make hospitality easy and fun!  Imitate Jesus in your unique way with poise and confidence, reflecting the Love of Christ in all you do!

When you search the Scriptures in Welcome Inn: The Art of Hospitality in Jesus’ Name Bible Study, you will find that hospitality begins with our Hospitable Shepherd Jesus who welcomes us into His Kingdom with open arms. The One who knocks at the door of our hearts so He can come in and dine with us is the One who wants to fill us to overflowing with a welcoming heart!

Let your life, home and family join together to say:  “Welcome!”


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Imagine opening your home to others to provide refreshment that changes lives! Hospitality is simply opening up our hearts and homes to welcome others in!  It’s so fun to experience the lifestyle of hospitality because lives are transformed, friendships are built, and loneliness disappears!

Dig into God’s Word to investigate biblical principles and examples of hospitality. Then get practical with how-to’s on everything from birthday parties, showers, holiday celebrations, and more to formal events and hospitality-on-the-go. Detailed planning sheets! Wisdom that works! Welcome Inn Bible Study was created for women of all ages (teens to retirees) and can be used alone or in a group setting. In addition it is used in the God’s Girls 106: Friendship, Hospitality, & Celebrations course.

Welcome Inn Bible Study was written so that you can practice hospitality with confidence and love!

You will find:

  • Biblical Principles
  • Practical Tips
  • Holiday Celebration Ideas
  • Party Ideas
  • Easy Ways to Get Started
  • Easy Recipes
  • Etiquette Protocol
  • Conservation Starters
  • Planning Sheets
  • Wisdom for Being the Perfect Guest
  • Survival Skills for the Interview/Dinner
  • Hosting Formal Events

Show hospitality to children with all the birthday party ideas and worksheets to create your own welcoming birthday celebrations.  There are holiday parties for festive holiday celebrations that will refresh your guests physically and spiritually.

Welcome Inn: The Art of Hospitality in Jesus’ Name Bible Study is packed with recipes that are used in our home as we show hospitality.  All the recipes are easy and delicious!  From Mexican Chicken to Polynesian Meatballs, from Scones with Devonshire Cream to Train Car Sandwiches, from Hot Cross Buns to Date Pudding–you will find recipes for every occasion that will be sure to please your family and your guests.

Welcome Inn: The Art of Hospitality in Jesus’ Name Bible Study is also packed with games…for birthday parties, holiday parties, wedding showers, baby showers, and evenings of fun. There are ideas for a quiet evening with another couple or family and suggestions to take hospitality with you. Enjoy!

Here are the Bible lesson themes and practical helps in the Family Inn sections:

  • Practice Hospitality
  • The Family Inn: A Home That Says Welcome
  • Jesus, Our Hospitable Shepherd
  • The Family Inn: “Join Us for Dinner or An Evening of Fun”
  • Easy Recipes
  • The Heart of Hospitality
  • The Family Inn: Holidays & Special Occasions
  • Summer Hospitality
  • Holiday Party Plans with Recipes
  • The Spirit of Welcome
  • The Family Inn: Birthdays
  • Birthday Party Plans with Games & Recipes
  • The Ministry of Hospitality
  • The Family Inn: Welcoming Strangers
  • The Family Inn: Rest for the Weary & Troubled
  • Lifestyle of Hospitality
  • The Family Inn: The Guest Room is Ready
  • The Family Inn: Hosting Showers
  • Shower Games & Recipes
  • Manners of Hospitality
  • The Family Inn: Receiving Hospitality
  • The Family Inn: Hosting Formal Events
  • Hospitality to Jesus & His Beloveds
  • The Family Inn: Hosting Church Events
  • The Family Inn: Welcoming Ministers of the Gospel
  • The Feasts of Hospitality
  • The Family Inn: Hospitality on the Go!

Turn your home into a Welcome Inn and experiences the JOY of true biblical hospitality.


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