How We Study Florida History & Keep Track of What We Learn
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In our home, our children’s state history studies are ongoing. Though some of my children have devoted an entire year to Florida history, most of them have learned about our Sunshine State bit by bit.

Each of my children have a Florida notebook that they start in kindergarten and add to every year afterward.
This notebook is divided up into sections including:

  • Symbols
  • Natural Resources
  • Climate
  • Hurricanes
  • Government
  • History
  • Citrus Industry
  • Space
  • Business
  • Tourism  
  • Oceanography

Simple Learning Projects

When they read a book, study a topic, visit historical sites, or attend famous attractions, my daughters complete a simple project. This project might be

  • a drawing
  • map
  • story
  • diorama
  • poster
  • game
  • skit
  • meal
  • travel brochure

For example, a trip to Sea World might result in Jimmy writing a story about a dolphin he saw, Sarah Joy taking photographs and mounting them with captions, and Jenny Rose gluing postcards of marine mammals to construction paper.

All of their projects (or photographs of their projects) go into the Florida Notebook. This way they learn about Florida history and geography in little spurts rather than in one intensive year. 

At My Cousin’s Palm Tree Farm

Flexibility & Hands On Learning

This method of learning gives us flexibility. If a hurricane comes through, we can map it and study it. Later, we can add our hurricane map to our notebooks. 
One year. we studied Florida history and geography in our church co-op. We were so blessed that year to experience two quite thrilling hurricanes: Charlie and Frances. We boarded up windows, lost electricity, had leaking walls, saw the landscape of our neighborhood change, and got great photographs. We never want to see hurricanes come, but if they have to come, what better year than our Florida Unit Study year!

That year, we also learned about Kennedy Space Center, went on a “wet nature walk,” and dressed up as pirates. Especially with state history, it’s great to use hands-on learning.


Joyful and Successful Homeschooling is a great resource! It goes into great detail about how to teach history and geography, including Florida History. Meet the Curtis family and find out how and why they enjoyed their homeschool adventure. As a bonus, there is a chapter on every subject and how to teach it. 
Quick & EZ Unit Study Fun by Meredith Curtis
If you want to learn more about hands-on-learning, read Quick and EZ Unit Study Fun. Teaching you step-by-step to create unit studies, this book will equip you to think outside the box when it comes to studying state history or any other topic. 

How do you study state history? Please comment below. 

Unit next time, Happy Homeschooling!


Meredith Curtis

Tell the world what you have found here!

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