God’s Girls Friends to the End Bible Study


Are your daughters lonely? Do they long for a close friend, a kindred spirit?

Relationships are important to young ladies. Girls want to have close friends, but sometimes find themselves lonely or involved in friendships that don’t bring out the best in them. The Lord has a plan for His God’s Girls. God’s wisdom addresses how to choose friends using discernment, how to be a friend, how to grow a friendship, and how to help each other grow in the Lord.

NOTE: God’s Girls Friends to the End Bible Study is set up lesson by lesson to go along with Friends to the End Bible StudyThis Bible study is for younger girls 10 to 14, so I recommend using Friends to the End Bible Study for teens and adults. We used these 2 Bible studies with all the women in our church and it was a smashing success in terms of growing healthy friendships and laying a biblical foundation of relationships.


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Cultivate the Healthy Relationships that God Created You to Enjoy!

Who are God’s Girls? They are real young women who love Jesus and are serious about pursuing Him! Every lesson opens up with God’s Girls answers to th first question. There is a place for your own God’s girl to add her picture and write down her answer too! If your daughters want to learn more about friendship inside and outside the home, this Bible study will strengthen the relationships in their life.

​Friendship adds joy to life! Young ladies desire close friends to laugh and cry with, as we run the race that leads us home to Heaven! Discover Biblical principles of making and keeping friends see relationships transformed. This Bible study written for preteens and younger teens and is the same material found in Friends to the End. We used this Bible study for preteens and tweens while the older teens and lladies went through Friends to the End.

​Use God’s Girls Friends to the End Bible Study alone or in a group setting to unlock Biblical principles that will strengthen all the relationships in your daughters’ lives.

The God’s Girls Series is for young women ages 11 to 28. This God’s Girls Bible Study is written for tweens and young teens.

Each chapter in this Bible study covers truths that will transform your heart and life.

  • Lesson #1: Friendship Adds Joy to Life
  • Lesson #2: Why is Friendship Necessary?
  • Lesson #3: Finding a Friend
  • Lesson #4: Caution in Friendship
  • ​Lesson #5: Initiating a Friendship
  • Lesson #6: Building & Maintaining a Friendship
  • Lesson #7: Growing Up Together in Jesus>
  • Lesson #8: Friends in Battle
  • Lesson #9: Loyalty


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