5 Senses Sorting Fun


Do you want a fun way to reinforce the differences between our 5 senses? These adorable 5 Senses Sorting Fun cards are a hit with my grandkids! Your kids will love them, too! Simply cut out all the cards and smaller matching cards (laminate if you wish). Then let your preschooler or kindergartner match the picture with one of the 5 senses card. Children will enjoy the bright cheery colors and the fun of playing a game. Only you and I know that they are learning!

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Sorting is fun, hands-on, and helps to develop fine motor skills. It also helps children learn that things can belong or be organized in certain groups. By sorting hearing from seeing cards, it drives home what sight and hearing are.

Use 5 senses sorting cards as part of a preschool or early elementary school lesson on the 5 senses: Sight, Hearing, Touch, Taste, and Smell.

Let younger children play with sorting cards while you are teaching older children about the 5 senses in human anatomy.

Children can work on one card at a time or all 5 at once.


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